Encourage the creative impulse, buying a child paint, markers, pencils, crayons, plasticine and other necessary supplies of the young artist, in the child it is possible and necessary. Even more important is your attitude to this. It is always more pleasant to work when your work is valued. We offer 8 variants of the exposure of children’s creativity:

1. Frames with magnets on the refrigerator

To a wooden or other frame of light material, glue the magnets on the back. Such a frame “paste the picture to the surface of the refrigerator.

2. Building scotch and a bare wall

Wall in the nursery or in the corridor, where you can place a temporary exposition. Building scotch leaves no traces on any surface and has excellent adhesive properties.

3. Art-mart

The place of children’s creativity, decorated with the works of a small creator, looks very significant.

4. Boxes with treasures

Such deep frames serve simultaneously as an exhibition and a place of storage.

5. Adhesive tape and wall

Scotch tape is used in this case as a fake frame.

6. Triptych

Decorated in an expensive frame, children’s work can become a decoration of the living room or the parent bedroom.

7. Cork gallery

Along the wall at the child’s level, the plugs are nailed or glued at the same distance from each other. On such plugs it is convenient to punch hand-made articles and drawings with special studs. The option is suitable for a child from 4-5 years.

8. Ruler, clips and threads – a mobile with pictures

Strange and original construction.

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