Welcome to this tutorial on how to make Handprint Snowmen Artwork with kids. A cost-friendly, efficient and enthralling art technique, this is the perfect activity to do with your kids today!

Prepare your children to get hands-on with paint for a creative Winter adventure to make Handprint Snowmen Artwork. Making artwork from one’s own handprint lends a unique, personal touch to one’s artistic showpiece and produces a warm feeling of self-satisfaction. This is one of the most stimulating art activities with no age limits, enjoyed by all. Follow the step-by-step tutorial given below to create the interesting Handprint Snowmen Artwork for Kids. Let us begin.

Easy Handprint Snowman Artwork For Kindergartners

Handprint Snowmen Artwork Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Blue construction paper
  • White paint
  • Toothbrush
  • Paintbrush
  • Coloured pens
  • Black marker

Handprint Snowman Instructions

Step #1: Preparing The Background Scenery For The Snowmen

Prepare The Background Scenery For The Snowmen- A Step-by-Step Guide to Making Snowman Artwork with Handprints

Take blue construction paper and a toothbrush. Dip the bristles of the toothbrush in white paint, and paint the bottom of the paper in gentle, upward strokes. This will depict the scenery of a snowy night as snow is built up on the ground.

Step #2: Transferring Your Painted Handprint Snowmen Onto The Paper

Transfer Your Painted Handprint Snowmen Onto The Paper- How to Create a Snowman with Handprints

Take a paintbrush and colour the entire area of your palm with white paint. Make sure there is no space left uncovered, and the paint is not dry. Then position your painted palm right above the fallen snow and place it flat onto the paper applying full pressure on it. Leave it like that for at least 30 seconds as you ensure every area of your palm has made contact with the paper.

Step #3: Drawing The Snowman’s Face And Body Features

Drawing The Snowman's Face And Body Features -A Guide to Making Snowman Art with Handprints

Using coloured pens and a black marker, on one fingerprint, make the characteristic Snowman smiley face with its cute carrot nose, a warm cap on its head and stick hands popping out of its body. You can even add little buttons on the torso of our stylist handprint Snowmen.

Step #4: Drawing The Second Snowman Face On Fingers

Draw The Second Snowman Face On Fingers- A Guide for Kids to Make a Snowman Using Handprints

Give your second Snowman a unique smile, or a distinctive pointed nose with your trusted black marker and coloured pens.

Step #5: Add Dancing Hands To The Snowman Body

Add Dancing Hands To The Snowman Body- A Kids' Tutorial on Making a Handprint Snowman

Let the snowman’s arms extend from its body and point them upwards to give it the appearance of dancing excitedly with cheer.

Step #6: Create Another Dancing Snowman On Another Finger

Create Another Dancing Snowman On Another Finger- How to Make a Snowman Out of Handprints

Create the third snowman on the third finger of your choice. Choose whichever colours you would like its warm cap to be and draw the necessary items according to your imagination and design.

Step #7: Complete The Family Of Snowmen

Complete The Family Of Snowmen- A Tutorial to Help Kids Make a Snowman with Handprints

Introduce this newly-born family of snowmen to your friends, with a different snowman drawn on each finger. Adding diversity in the colours of clothing items and designs of bodily features gives each Snowman a unique identity and makes this artwork more engaging.

Step #8: Make It Snow With White Paint And A Paintbrush

Make It Snow With White Paint And A Paintbrush- A Handprint Snowman Art Instructional for Kids

Create the effect of a snowy night by taking a paintbrush with white paint thinly spread over it and lightly shaking the paint onto the paper. Watch as the paint drops onto the paper to form small, white dots creating the effect of a beautiful and calm snowy night.

Handprint Snowmen Artwork Tutorial For Kids Is Complete!

Handprint Snowmen Artwork Tutorial For Kids Is Complete! - A Guide to Crafting a Handprint Snowman

Your Handprint Snowmen artwork is complete! The beautiful white snow and the sight of five snowmen standing in the cold weather, wearing warm multicoloured caps, with their hands lifted in the snow exudes a relaxing, calming effect on the viewer. Follow this detailed tutorial and try this easy, hands-on activity with your kids today.

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