Explore a step-by-step cabbage stamp painting tutorial to make roses for kids. This activity is for you to learn a new technique. This awaits you.

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Beautiful Roses Painting Idea Using Cabbage Stamp

Cabbage Stamp Roses Painting Idea For Kids

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Supplies & Tools:

  • Cabbage
  • A kitchen knife
  • A paintbrush
  • Red poster color
  • A plain white circular sheet
  • Green poster color
  • An earbud

Cabbage Stamp Roses Instructions

Step #1: Cutting The Cabbage

Cutting The Cabbage-Children can paint cabbage stamps as roses.

Cut the lower part of the cabbage using the kitchen knife. The cut lower part of the cabbage should have having stem and a cluster of leaves. Look at the picture for reference.

Step #2: Painting The Cabbage

Painting The Cabbage-An art project for youngsters to do with cabbage stamps in the shape of roses.

The cabbage is required to be painted using the red poster color in order to make red roses.

Step #3: Imprint On The Sheet

Imprint On The Sheet-Making roses out of cabbage stamps is a fun idea for kids.

Now, put the painted surface on the plain white circular sheet and put some pressure on it. This way the cabbage would be imprinted on the white sheet and it would look like a rose.

Step #4: Imprinting More Roses

Imprinting More Roses-An artistic way for children to use cabbage stamps – painting roses.

Put some more impressions of cabbage to make more roses. Use different sizes of cabbage.

Step #5: Creating Texture

Creating Texture-Cabbage stamps can be transformed into beautiful roses by children.

Take the earbud to make texture in the roses.

Step #6: Drawing The Stem Of The Roses

Drawing The Stem Of The Roses-Creating roses with cabbage stamps is a great idea for children.

By using the green poster color to paint stems on the roses.

Step #7: Drawing Some More Stems

Drawing Some More Stems-Using cabbage stamps to produce roses – an idea perfect for kids.

Draw some more stems on the roses.

And Your Craft Is Ready!

And Your Craft Is Ready!-Kids can have fun by painting cabbage stamps into roses.

And your craft is ready! The cabbage stamp painting to make roses was an easy craft idea for kids. The roses made out by imprinting the cabbage look visually appealing and sound interesting and fun. Children would have definitely enjoyed it. Adults can also do this activity to have some fun. Here, if wanted, children can show more creativity by making roses of different colors to make them look like a garden of roses. Anyone, irrespective of their age can be engaged in this activity. Overall, it was a fun and exciting activity to be done.

Hope you like this cabbage painting step-by-step tutorial and it was fun making this. Do share your comments and let us know about your experience. Make sure to revisit our website!

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