Make a pretty colorful dandelion painting using stamp painting that will make this artwork easier and flawless! Check this article tutorial! 

Children love colors, and we do too! So, today we are back with an artwork including colorful dandelions! Yes, you heard it right, you will be able to create dandelions with are of different colors, and not only that, you will be able to create them with mixing and shading paints! This will make this artwork a fabulous one! The best part is that this painting may seem difficult, but is actually pretty easy to make, and this tutorial will guide you through it using a stamp!

Colorful Dandelions Stamping Artwork For Kids

Stamping Colorful Dandelions Artwork Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • Blue Circular Paper Sheet
  • Paint Colors
  • Paintbrush
  • Cotton Earbuds
  • Circle Stamp

Dandelions Stamping Instructions

Step #1: Adding Paint On The Stamp

Adding Paint On The Stamp- Crafting a Colorful Dandelion Artwork Guide

Begin this craft by taking a blue circular paper sheet as the base of your craft and a circle stamp. Dip the circle stamp into dark pink paint and using a paintbrush paint the center of the stamp dark blue and add a drop of white paint in the very center.

Step #2: Stamping Circles On The Base

Stamping Circles On The Base- A Guide to Making Beautiful Dandelion Artwork

Dab the paint stamp on the base to make the shaded and mixed-colored circles. In the same way, mix and match various paint colors and dab them onto the base to make more colorful circles like, yellow-orange, blue-dark blue, purple-red, pink-blue, and more. These will be the colorful dandelions.

Step #3: Giving Them Dotted Texture

Giving Them Dotted Texture- A Tutorial for Creating Colorful Dandelion Art

Dip a cotton earbud into white paint and start to dab it over the dandelions, first, cover the boundary, and then gradually get into the center to let the white paint get mixed with the color of your dandelion. Do the same again and again on each dandelion. This will give them the dotted texture.

Step #4: Drawing The Stem Of The Dandelion

Drawing The Stem Of The Dandelion- Creating Colorful Dandelion Pictures Step-by-Step

Dip your paintbrush into dark paint and make a thin irregular line beneath the dark pink dandelion to the end of the base to make the stem of it.

Step #5: Making Stems Of All Dandelions

Making Stems Of All Dandelions- Instructions for a Colorful Dandelion Artwork Project

Respective to the color of the dandelion, make the stem of it just like the way you made of the dark pink one previously.

Step #6: Making Dots On The Base

Making Dots On The Base- How to Create a Colorful Dandelion Artwork Piece

Now, randomly make the dots on the base with different colored paint to cover the whole base.

Yay! This Is the Final Look Of Your Colorful Stamp Dandelions!

This Is the Final Look Of Your Colorful Stamp Dandelions! - Creating a Vibrant Dandelion Artwork Design

Yay! You did it! You have finally completed your pretty colorful dandelion painting just in time!

This painting surely taught you many tricks to paint! Well, you can now decorate this art piece in your room to have a colorful and pretty wall decor! You can also make this artwork to match the room’s wall by changing the base or can customize it as per your preference! Flaunt your painting skills by showing off to everyone and the way you mixed the paints, hehe don’t tell them the secret!

Hope you had fun making this painting! If so, give it a like and share it with your buddies! Also, tell us about your painting journey in the comments section below!

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