Show care to your loved one by gifting a handmade craft to them! A love tree! This tutorial will guide you on making it using clay! 

We welcome you here on this amazing craft tutorial! This love tree will definitely be a fantastic creation as your craft! This craft will be perfectly suited as a gift for your loved ones to show them how much care and affection you hold for them! The best part is, this craft is budget-friendly too, so it shows that you don’t need to spend money to make someone happy! This love tree will symbolize the infinite growing love for someone! Let’s begin to make it!

Clay Heart Shaped Leaf Tree Craft

Clay Heart Leaf Tree Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Materials Required

  • White Paper Sheets
  • Scissors
  • Sketch Pens (Brown And Green)
  • Colored Clay (Green, Orange, Red, And Purple)


Step 1: Pasting The Tree Trunk With Branches

Pasting The Tree Trunk With Branches - Crafting Tutorial For Kids Using Clay, Leaves & Tree

To begin this craft, take white paper sheets and a pair of scissors. Using scissors, cut down a sheet into a larger circle as the base for this craftwork. Also, cut out a tree shape with a trunk and branches from it. Using a brown sketch pen, color the tree cut out. Paste it over the base in the middle using glue.

Step 2: Taking Out Some Clay

Taking Out Some Clay - Guiding Children To Make A Clay Heart Leaf Tree

Take green-colored clay, stretch it, and take out a piece from it.

Step 3: Making The Tree Leaves

Making The Tree Leaves - Step-by-Step Instructions For Creating a Clay Heart Leaf Tree

Dough the green clay into small balls. Place a ball on the end of the tree branch and press and drag it down slantingly to flatten it, again, place another clay ball beside the previous one and press and drag it too to the end of the previous one to make a heart shape. This will be the heart-shaped leaf of your tree.

Step 4: Making More Heart-Shaped Leaves

Making More Heart-Shaped Leaves - Kids Can Learn How To Make A Clay Heart Leaf Tree

Following the same previous step, make more and more heart-shaped leaves all over the upper half of the base to make a bunch of them.

Step 5: Making Flowers On The Ground

Making Flowers On The Ground - Clay Heart Leaf Tree Construction Guide For Children

Using a green sketch pen, draw some stems with leaves beneath the tree on the base randomly to make the base for flowers. Now, in the same way, you made a heart-shaped leaf, make it again over the stem of the flower from purple clay.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Love Tree!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Love Tree! - Showing Kids How To Create Clay Heart Leaf Tree Art

For the last step, make an orange and red flower on the remaining 2 stems in the same way as before.

Woohoo! Look at your amazing love tree clay craft! Ready just in time!

You can now gift it to your best friend, your parents, or any other loved one of you! Receiving it will surely bring a smile to their faces! You can even decorate it in your room to brighten it up! You can also customize this craftwork in any way you like, for example, creating pink leaves and more flowers, anything you can think of! Your imagination is the limit!

We are hoping you liked the article! Share it with your buddies and see who can create the most pretty love tree! Tell us about your crafting journey in the comments section below!

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