Learn how to create a beautiful heart flower bouquet out of clay with this fun and easy tutorial for kids. Perfect for gifting or displaying in their room, this clay craft tutorial is sure to bring joy and pride to young crafters.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative craft project to do with your kids, this Lovely Heart Flower Bouquet Clay Craft tutorial is the perfect activity! In this tutorial, we will show you how to make adorable clay flowers in the shape of hearts that can be arranged into a beautiful bouquet. This craft is not only a great way to spend quality time with your children, but it also allows them to use their imagination and creativity to create a one-of-a-kind piece of art. So gather your supplies and get ready to have some fun crafting with your little ones!

Beautiful Heart Flower Bouquet Clay Craft

Lovely Heart Flower Bouquet Clay Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Colored Clays (Red, Green)
  • Printed Paper
  • Green Marker
  • Glue
  • Black Drawing Sheet

Heart Flower Bouquet Craft Instructions

Step #1: Making A Tiny Red Ball

Making A Tiny Red Ball

First, take a black drawing sheet & use it as a craft base. Take a red clay ball & make a tiny ball & then put it on the top side of the craft base.

Step #2: Making Flower Petal

Making Flower Petal

Now, press & spread the red ball with your index finger to make a petal shape.

Step #3: Making Flowers

Making Flowers

Now, make another red ball of the same size & put it near the first red ball & follow the same process that we used for the first one to make a complete heart-shaped flower. Now, repeat the process & make some more flowers.

Step #4: Drawing Flowers Stems

Drawing Flowers Stems

Take a sky-blue marker & draw flower stems under the flowers.

Step #5: Making Leaves

Making Leaves

In this step first take a green clay & make a leaf shape.

Step #6: Pasting Leaves

Pasting Leaves

Make some more leaves & paste them around all the flower stems.

Step #7: Adding Some Detailing

Adding Some Detailing

Now, make some green clay balls & paste them around the stems.

Step #8: Pasting A Printed Paper

Pasting A Printed Paper

Now, take a printed paper & paste it on the lower side of flower stems using glue.

Lovely Heart Flower Bouquet Clay Craft Is Ready!

Lovely Heart Flower Bouquet Clay Craft Is Ready!

The lovely flower bouquet clay craft is ready!

We have completed our lovely flower bouquet clay craft here. I hope you have enjoyed the process of making this. If you want to customize it then you can make some other flowers using the different colored clay that you want. You could give this to your friends as a gift they will be happy to get this as a gift. Share your feedback in the comment section so, we can have ideas about what type of crafts you would like in the future. If you want to explore other types of crafts then visit our other websites.

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