How to make candlesticks from aluminum cans

candlesticks (1)

For manufacturing we need:
Empty aluminum cans, acrylics, poyetki scissors. 1) First apply on bank stencil our candlestick, for this I cut out the template of the form which I would like and felt-tip pen moved it to the bank.

candlesticks (2)

Cut out the template.

candlesticks (3)

hole punch to punch holes

candlesticks (4)

Now, with any round object (in this case a wooden handle) and turn away the petals form the shape we needed

candlesticks (5)

Paint colours

candlesticks (6)

Now proceed to the decoration. In order to spectacular candle appeared on a sunny day, I decided to decorate them with colored payotkami at breeze, they will fill the atmosphere with its brilliance.

candlesticks (7)

And I fix I them into small rings made ​​of wire with a pencil.

candlesticks (8)

Quiet summer evenings candle will delight us with a mysterious light outgoing from small spark that we will certainly put inside.

candlesticks (1)