How to sew skirt for girls

Girl's skirt for the girl

For sewing skirts need the following tools and materials:
– natural cotton fabric with bright print of 0.5 m and a width of 1.3 m .;.
– 0.5 m gum .; 2 cm wide.
– Thread in the fabric color;
– A pair of scissors;
– Pencil;
– Line.

Necessary materials

Cut-washed cotton, pat iron with steam and only then start cutting. To do this, fold the fabric in half along the common thread and find details skirts, shown on the photo:

– Belt length 54 cm and a width of 5 cm..
– Two trapezoid bases skirt folded height of 13 cm and a width at the waist line of 27 cm and line the bottom of the 32 cm…
– One upper frill 9 cm to 120 cm. .,
– middle and bottom ruffles 9 cm to 130 cm..

Details of skirts for girls

Stitch the side seams based on skirts and middle back seam at the waist and frills. Allowances processed using overlock and smooth nose iron.

The basis of the skirt folded in half side seams in the middle. Adjust the waist line and the bottom so as to obtain a semi-circle, as shown in the photograph.

Adjust the waist and bottom lines so as to get a semicircle

The bottom of each handle frills roller seam using overlock maximum stretching the fabric. If the edge Neaten another way, the skirt will look very different.

The bottom of each frill is treated with a roller seam with the help of an overlock

Every frill is gathered using a special foot. In this case the thread tension put on the stitch length and 1 to 5mm increase. Hands regulate the supply during assembly tissue. You can collect the tissue just stitched large stitches and loosening the top thread.

Pick up each frill

Then pull off ruffles of the bobbin thread to the desired width of fabric and distribute evenly.

Tighten the frills for the lower thread to the desired width and evenly distribute the fabric

The basis of the skirt cut into two equal pieces parallel to the waist.

The skirt base is cut into two equal parts parallel to the waist line

Assemble the entire skirt. To sew the bottom edge of the frill. Then, between the upper and lower tiers of ruffles and insert a second sostrochit them together. By waistline stitched ruffles and a third zone. The seams on sewing ruffles and belt positioned behind the center of the skirt. Once all stitches on a sewing machine to remove the skin, through which was collected ruffles.

Complete the entire skirt

Allowances seams pritachivaniya frills Neaten using overlock. This cuts should not be processed on the belt.

Allow overshoots of the seams of the grinding of the frills with the help of an overlock

Parting gum length of 42 cm. Overlock stitched to the free edge of the belt. To distribute the gum evenly, it is necessary to pin the pin on the center in front and back and on the sides.

The length of the gum is 42 cm long. Attach the overlock to the free edge of the belt

Belt fold in half, hidden inside a seam allowances pritachivaniya frills. Get anchoring line on the front side, departing 3 mm. When sewing line of the belt.

Turn the belt in half and lay a fastening line on the front side

Allowances frills bend up towards the waist and stitched them close to the seam edge from the front. Make a straight line will quickly overlock foot for the sewing machine.

The allowances of the scarfs should be bent upwards towards the belt and stitched close to the stitching seam on the front side

To bow to carve out a big piece of folded size of 7 cm. By 13 cm., And a small piece 5 cm. And a length of 7 cm.

Cut the details of the bow

Smetana greater detail on the short side and fold it so that the seam was in the middle, as shown in the photo. On the long sides to lay the lines. Then remove the basting and leave open the middle seam. Little detail of collapse and Stitch along the long side.

Stitch detailing

Details bow twist on the front side. More details defer on the long sides. The seam on the small details centered in the rear. Both parts of the bow to steam.

Finished bow details

More details on the thread pull the center. Little sostrochit in the ring and collect the bow.

Strong detail in the center of the thread. Small stitch in the ring

In the center of the waist skirt to sew the finished bow.

In the center of the belt of the skirt, sew a ready-made bow

for girls with their hands fluffy skirt is ready!

Girl's skirt for the girl

courtesy: zigzagom