Explore a fire-bending cycle decor craft step-by-step tutorial for kids to have fun. This activity is for you to learn a new technique. Enjoy!

Easy Wire Bending Cycle Decor Craft

Wire Bending Cycle Decor Craft Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • A Thin Metal Wire
  • A Slightly Thick Metal Wire
  • A Plas

Wire Bending Cycle Instructions

Step #1: Wrapping The Thin Wire

Wrap The Thin Wire - Learning to form wire into decorative shapes

Tightly wrap the thin wire around the slightly thick wire.

Step #2: Taking The Thick Wire

Take The Thick Wire - Creating a craft with bent wire

After wrapping the thin wire, it will attain a cylindrical shape. Now, take the thick wire out.

Step #3: Cutting In Half

Cut In Half - Mastering the art of wire bending

Cut the coiled wire in half. Cut it with the help of the plans.

Step #4: Wrapping The Coiled

Wrap The Coiled - Instructions for constructing a wire sculpture

Now, wrap the two coiled wires around the thick wire.

Step #5: Removing The Thick Wire

Remove The Thick Wire - A guide to wire forming for decoration

After coiling it again, remove the thick wire out.

Step #6: Bending The Thick Wire

Thick Wire - Step-by-step instructions on how to bend wire for your project

The thick wire is bent in a way so that it has a parallel structure. Now, by using a plas, bend the thick wire into a curve that would look like the tire of the cycle.

Step #7: Coiled Wire

Coiled Wire - A tutorial on how to make decorative wire objects

Now. take the double-coiled wire and put it through the thick wire. Put it through the curve for the tire.

Step #8: Bend More

Bend More - A lesson in forming wire for decoration

By using a plas, bend it even more so that it looks like a tire. One of the parallel sides would make the tire and would be bent so that it is perpendicular to the other side.

Step #9: Coil The Thick Wire

Coil The Thick Wire - Directions for bending wire into decorative motifs

Now, coil the thick wire, coil the side which was bent to make the tire. Bend the other side in order to make the second tire of the cycle.

Step #10: Handle of The Cycle

Handle of The Cycle - A guide to forming wire into shapes for craft projects

From the first tire, bend the extended wire into two U’s.

Step #11: Insert The Thin Wire

Insert The Thin Wire - How to shape wire into decorations

Now, insert the thin wire which is coiled once. Insert it on the U’s.

Wire Bending Cycle Decor Craft Tutorial

Wire Bending Cycle Decor Craft Tutorial - Step-by-step guide to wire-bending crafts

With this, you have come to the end of the wire bending cycle decor craft tutorial. This was a good learning experience for kids as they learned about making a cycle by bending wires. This craft idea demands muscle strength. This must be fascinating for kids of 9-14 years of age. This cycle looks very adorable and decorative. Kids have learned about a new mechanism from this tutorial. It could be used for room decor.

Hope you liked this wire bending cycle decor craft step-by-step tutorial. Don’t forget to share your comments and inform us about your experience. Make sure to revisit our website!

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