Looking for a really pretty handmade decoration craft item? Well, you are at the right place. These yellow and purple flowers made out of fruit foam will be fabulous.

This is a step-by-step Purple Fruit Foam Net Flowers Decor Craft Tutorial. It is very suitable for beginners. This will give them an idea, of one of the ways they can use fruit foam instead of throwing it out. It will turn out as very creative and teach some interesting and basic techniques that they can use in the future. Well, grab the following list of materials, and let us get started already. Have fun!

Beautiful Purple Fruit Foam Net Flowers Decor Craft

Purple Fruit Foam Net Flowers Decor Craft Tutorial

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Tools & Supplies

  • Dark Green Colored Textured Sheet
  • A Pair Of Scissors
  • A Glue
  • A Green Solid, Plastic-Type Material
  • A Yellow Colored Fruit Foam
  • A Purple Colored Fruit Foam
  • A Double Tape
  • A Dark Green Colored Stick
  • A Thread
  • A Lighter

Fruit Foam Net Flowers Instructions

Step #1: Get Two Fruit Foams. One Yellow And One Purple

Get two fruit foams. One yellow and one purple - Crafting a Decoration with Foam and Netting Featuring Purple Fruits

Let us start by grabbing the most important material we need, which is fruit foams. Get two fruit foams of two different colors. In this tutorial, the combination used is, yellow and purple. You can free to make your own color combinations or go with this one.

Step #2: Start By Removing The Strands Of The Fruit Foam

Start by removing the strands of the fruit foam - Making a Floral Display Out of Foam and Netting with Purple Produce

Remove and separate each strand of the fruit foam from the cluster, Do it very slowly and delicately so that it does not break off,

Step #3: Assemble And Gather All The Strands

Assemble and gather all the strands - Creating a Craft with Net and Foam Showcasing Vibrant Fruits

You should be done plucking out the strands now. Gather them in a single place.

Step #4: Take A Very Thin Strip Of Double Tape And The Strands

Take a very thin strip of double tape and the strands - Tutorial on How to Make an Ornamental Piece with Foam and Netting of Vivid Fruits

Get a double tape and cut out a very thin strip using a cutter or a pair of scissors.

Step #5: Stick The Strands On The Strip Of The Double Tape

Stick the strands on the strip of the double tape - Decorating with Foam and Netting in the Shape of Colorful Fruit

Before the glue of the tape dies, start sticking and placing the separated strands in the arrangement as shown in the above-presented image. Do not leave any gaps while pasting them.

Step #6: Complete Pasting All The Strands

Complete pasting all the strands - Tutorial on Crafting an Artwork with Foam and Netting of Purple Fruit

All the strands must have been pasted properly by now. It must look as in the above picture.

Step #7: Grab A Lighter And Brush Up The Edges For A Better Effect

Grab a lighter and brush up the edges for a better effect - Artistic Design with Foam and Netting Made of Varied Fruit

Grab a lighter now. Very delicately and carefully, with all your undivided attention, light the lighter towards the edges. Keep the flame very low. You do not want to burn the entire thing down to ashes. This will strengthen the edges and give a dark purple shade which will turn out as impressive. Remember, only the edges. and kids must do this under proper adult supervision.

Step #8: How It Looks After Lighting Up The Edges

How it looks after lighting up the edges - Putting Together a Design with Foam and Netting of Purple Fruit

This is how it must look after you are done with the previous step. Observe the shape and structure of the edges as well. They have contracted and shrunk a bit and have developed into an uneven curve which turns out absolutely ravishing. Do not remove the brown strip of the double tape just yet. It will soon come to use.

Step #9: Take Off Of Some The Yellow Strands And Slightly Fold Them

Take off of some the yellow strands and slightly fold them - How to Assemble a Decorative Piece with Foam and Netting with Bright Produce

Grab the yellow fruit foam now. Pluck out and remove some strands just like you did with the purple ones. Now, fold them with a finger in the middle so that they do not break. You will get a drop-like shape.

Step #10: Tie A thread Around The Folded Portion As Instructed

Tie a thread around the folded portion as instructed - Tutorial on Making an Ornament from Foam and Net with Splendid Fruit

Take a piece of thread. Wrap and tie it around the folded part of the strands. It will look like some sort of puppet doll.

Step #11: Grab The Lighter And Flame The Edges Again

Grab the lighter and flame the edges again - How to make a craft with netting and violet-colored fruits as decorations

Grab a lighter. Here you need to repeat the same thing you did with the edges of the purple strands. Light up the edges carefully and if you need to, check out the past steps again. Be cautious with the lighter. Adult supervision is a must for kids.

Step #12: Remove The Cover Of The Tape Finally

Remove the cover of the tape finally - A guide to creating a crafty project using foam and purple fruit

Take the purple strands again. Now, finally, remove the cover of the tape on the other side and place the yellow, flamed edges strands at the initial edge.

Step #13: Wrap The Purple Strands Around The Yellow Ones

Wrap the purple strands around the yellow ones - Tutorial on using netting and purple fruits to decorate a craft

Start folding the purple strands around the yellow ones. Keep wrapping them in a spiral. Do it before the glue on the tape dies. But do it with care, joining only the borders and not the middle or upper portions.

Step #14: Make The Following Designs Through A Dark Green Plastic-Type Material

Make the following designs through a dark green plastic-type material - A tutorial on using purple fruits and netting for a crafty decoration

Take a dark green, plastic-type material as shown in the above image. Take the help and assistance of the image and draw the above designs. Cut them using a pair of scissors.

Step #15: Take A Dark Green Colored Straw That Will Act As A Stem

Take a dark green colored straw that will act as a stem - Crafting tutorial using netting and purple fruits

Now, grab a dark green colored straw. Insert it right in the middle of the flower from the side of the tape. This straw or stick will act as the stem.

Step #16: Take One Of Those Designs And PlaceIt Right Below The Flower

Take one of those designs and place it right below the flower - A tutorial on decorating a craft project with foam and purple fruits

Take one of those designs, the one which will make the sepal of the flower. Place it right below the flower through the stick.

Step #17: Add In The Leaves Now

Add in the leaves now - Instructions on how to make a craft with netting and purple fruit decorations

Take a dark green, textured sheet. Cut a long strip out of it. Initiate with the wrapping of the strip around the stick, that is the stem here. While wrapping, insert the leaves in a place as positioned in the image presented above. This will hold the leaves. By the way, you must have two leaves.

Step #18: Add More Leaves If You Like

Add more leaves if you like - How to decorate a craft project using foam and purple fruits

Take a final look. Check the leaves if they are coming out or if the strip is not properly wrapped, etc Look for the errors and fix them.

Voila! This Is The Final Appearance Of Purple And Yellow Flowers Made Of Fruit Foam

Final Image: Voila! This is the final appearance of purple and yellow flowers made of fruit foam - A tutorial on creating a craft with netting and purple fruits

Well, the tutorial officially ends here. But you can still keep going. You can make multiple flowers and find a vase to hold them in. For more arts and crafts content, from articles, suggestions, and ideas to tutorials, check out the main website. And do mention your experience of making this, or any reviews or suggestions, in the comments below.
Thank you for your time and support.

We hope you like it.

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