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Beautiful Caterpillar And Leaf Craft

Caterpillar Over Leaf Scenery: Leaf Craft Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • A white circular plain sheet
  • Leaves of different sizes and colors
  • A pair of scissors
  • Glue
  • A black marker pen
  • Googly eyes
  • Tweezers

Caterpillar Craft Instructions

Step #1: Cutting A Circle

Cuting A Circle- Step-by-step instructions on making a leafy caterpillar decoration

Take a yellow colored leaf and cut a circle out of it.

Step #2: Pasting A Leaf

Pasting A Leaf- Directions for creating a caterpillar out of leaves

Take a white red leaf and paste it on the white circular plain sheet. Look at the given picture for the reference.

Step #3: Pasting The Cut Circle

Pasting The Cut Circle- How to construct a leafy caterpillar scene

Now, paste the cut leaf on the white circular plain sheet.

Step #4: Cutting Another Circle

Cuting Another Circle- Leaf crafting tutorial featuring a caterpillar

Take a green colored leaf and cut it into a circle. Paste the circle on the white circular plain sheet, paste it beside the first circle. This would be the second vertebrae of caterpillar’s body.

Step #5: Cutting Some More Leaves

Cuting Some More Leaves- Crafting a caterpillar with leaves - a tutorial

Cut some more leaves in the circular shape. And, paste it beside the second vertebrae in a successive order as shown in the given picture.

Step #6: Making Body of the Caterpillar

Making Body of the Caterpillar- Learn to make a leafy caterpillar image

Cut exactly thirteen circles and put them in an appropriate order and paste them using glue. This would be the body of the caterpillar.

Step #7: Making Sun Out Of Leaf

Making Sun Out Of Leaf- Learn to create a caterpillar over leaf scenery

Cut a red colored leaf in an appropriate shape in order to make sun. Paste it on the sheet.

Step #8:  Making Eye And Antenna

Making Eye And Antenna- Tutorial for constructing a caterpillar using leaves

Paste googly eyes on the last circular leaf, this would be the eyes of the caterpillar. By using the black marker pen, draw the antenna of the caterpillar.

Step #9:  Making Legs And Hair

Making Legs And Hair- Instructions on assembling a leaf caterpillar scene

Draw the legs and hair of the caterpillar. Use the black marker pen for drawing.

Step #10:  Making Background

Making Background- Leaf-shaping with Caterpillar Scene: A Guide for Making Crafts with Leaves

By using the black marker pen, draw sun rays beaming out of the sun. Paste some more leaves in the background.

Caterpillar Over Leaf Scenery: Leaf Craft Tutorial – For Kids

Caterpillar Over Leaf Scenery: Leaf Craft Tutorial - For Kids- Crafting with a Caterpillar over Leafy Background: Step-by-Step Leaf Tutorial

At last, the Caterpillar Over a Leave Scenery: Leaf Craft has completed successfully! This was a great activity for kids of 4-9 years of age. This activity would help children to learn communication. The selection of appropriate leaves is important to make a vibrant looking caterpillar just by pasting leaves. Children would have definitely enjoyed it. Adults can also do this activity to have some fun. Kids can make other objects too by using this method. Anyone irrespective of their age can be engaged in this activity. Overall, it was a fun and exciting activity to be done.

Hope you like this caterpillar over a leaf scenery: leaf craft step-by-step tutorial. Do share your comments and let us know about your experience. We wish to see you soon!

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