Learn how to make a beautiful clay flower bouquet with this fun and easy craft tutorial for kids. Let your child’s creativity bloom with this hands-on activity. Follow along step-by-step to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will last a lifetime.

Creating a clay flower bouquet is a fun and creative craft project that kids will love. Not only is it a great way to encourage their artistic abilities, but it also allows them to explore different textures and shapes while creating a beautiful piece of art. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the steps of making your own clay flower bouquet, perfect for adding a touch of color and charm to any room. So grab your clay and let’s get crafting!

Gorgeous Flower Bouquet Clay Craft

Clay Flower Bouquet - Pretty Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Paper Craft
  • Tissue Paper
  • Red Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored Clay (Red, Pink, Light Pink, Yellow, Green)
  • Sketch Pens (Green, Pink)
  • Transparent Acrylic Sheet
  • Clay Shaping Tool With Pointed End

Flower Bouquet Craft Instructions

Step #1: Working With Pink Clay

Working With Pink Clay

First, take a white craft paper & cut it out into a circle & use it as a craft base. Now, take a red color clay & make a little ball from it & put it on the top middle side of the craft base then press it using a transparent acrylic sheet.

Step #2: Pressing Red Clay Ball

Pressing Red Clay Ball

Now, press the ball using a transparent acrylic sheet.

Step #3: Making A Flower Design

Making A Flower Design

Take a clay shaping tool that has a pointing end & then make two lines on the clay one is vertical & other is horizontal to make petal shapes.

Step #4: Making Flower Pistil

Making Flower Pistil

Take a yellow color clay & make a little ball from it then put it at the center of the flower as a flower pistil & press it using your thumb.

Step #5: Making Two More Flowers

Making Two More Flowers

Now, make one more red flower on the lower left side of the previous red flower by repeating the same process. Then take a pink color clay & create a pink flower on the lower right side of the first red flower using the same process.

Step #6: Drawing Flower Stem

Drawing Flower Stem

Repeat the process & create some more flowers of different sizes by using light pink clay, red clay & yellow clay as shown in the above image. Take a green marker & start drawing the flower stem of a red flower.

Step #7: Making Clay Leaves

Making Clay Leaves

Draw the flower stems for each flower as shown in the above image. After that take green color clay & make two little balls from it & put them on the stem. Then press them to make a leaf shape by using your index finger one by one.

Step #8: Drawing Little Leaves

Drawing Little Leaves

Now, draw leaves on the top side of each flower stem.

Step #9: Making Pink Dots On Tissue Paper

Making Pink Dots On Tissue Paper

Complete the process of drawing leaves on the stem here. Take a tissue paper & make dots on the tissue paper using a pink color marker.

Step #10: Making Bouquet

Making Bouquet

Now, collect the tissue paper layers from one side to make a flower bouquet.

Step #11: Pasting Collected Tissue Paper

Pasting Collected Tissue Paper

Now, paste that collected tissue paper on the lower side of the flower stems using glue.

Step #12: Collecting Another Tissue Paper

Collecting Another Tissue Paper

Take another tissue paper & make dots on it using a pink marker & collect it by following the same process as we did in the previous one & then paste it near the first collected tissue paper to make a complete flower bouquet.

Step #13: Making Bow With Red Ribbon

Making Bow With Red Ribbon

Take a red ribbon & make a bow shape from it & then paste it on the lower side of the bouquet.

We Have Achieved Our Final Flower Bouquet Craft!

We Have Achieved Our Final Flower Bouquet Craft!

Our flower bouquet craft is ready now.

The lovely flower bouquet craft is finished here. Thanks for coming on this journey of creating this masterpiece. You could decorate your room with this beautiful craft or give it as a gift to your friends it will bring a smile to their faces. If you are looking for some more craft like this then you should visit our other websites also. Give your response in the comment section because we love to hear from you.

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