Learn how to make a beautiful air-dry clay flower vase with this fun and easy craft tutorial designed for kids. This hands-on activity will teach children the basics of clay shaping and decorating, while also allowing them to create a functional and decorative piece for their home. 

Creating a clay flower vase can be a fun and engaging craft activity for kids of all ages. Not only does it allow them to express their creativity, but it also teaches them valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination and patience. In this tutorial, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to make a beautiful clay flower vase that can be used to display flowers or as a decorative piece in any room. You just need simple materials like air-dry clay, paper, and scissors to make this lovely craft.

Lovely Flower Vase Clay Craft

Clay Flower Vase Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Double Heads Light Clay Tool
  • Colored Clay (Yellow, Orange)
  • Colored Markers (Green, Red, Black)
  • Craft Paper (White, Brown)
  • Yellow Ribbon

Flower Vase Craft Instructions

Step #1: Working With Clay

Working With Clay

First, take a white craft paper & cut it into the circle & use it as a craft base. Now, take the small piece of orange clay & make a little ball from it & put it on the middle top side of the craft base.

Step #2: Spreading Clay

Spreading Clay 

Now, spread the clay using your index finger in an irregular circle.

Step #3: Making Orange Color Flower

Making Orange Color Flower

Take a double heads light clay tool & make a spiral shape on the clay.

Step #4: Making More Flowers

Making More Flowers

Repeat the process of making flowers in the same manner. After that take yellow clay & make a ball from it & put it on the craft base. Make a spiral shape on it by the same process & repeat the process to make more yellow flowers like this.

Step #5: Drawing Flower’s Stems

Drawing Flower's Stems

Take a green marker & draw flower stems same as shown in the above image.

Step #6: Drawing Flower’s Leaves

Drawing Flower's Leaves

Start drawing leaves on the stem.

Finally! This Beautiful Flower Vase Craft Is Achieved!

Finally! This Beautiful Flower Vase Craft Is Achieved!

Repeat the process of drawing leaves on all the stems. Then, take a brown craft paper & cut it into a trapezium shape for the vase & paste it on the lower end of flower stems using glue. Now, take a black marker & draw a design on the vase. After that draw little hearts on the vase using a red marker. Take a yellow ribbon & make a bow shape & paste it on the top end of the vase. Now, our flower vase craft is ready.

We have completed our flower vase craft here. Show your beautiful craft to your friends & family & see what will be their reaction to it. I am sure they will like it. You could make this craft by using eggshells & by coloring them according to your choice of color. Also, you can make a clay flower bouquet by making flowers & pot with clay. You could decorate your room with your creation. Don’t forget to drop your comment in the comment section because we love to hear from you.

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