Learn how to create a stunning handprint drawing of a hen and egg with this step-by-step tutorial. This beautiful design is perfect for any art enthusiast or animal lover. Follow along and discover how to bring this adorable scene to life on paper.

Hello, in this tutorial we will draw a beautiful hen drawing. Here we will guide you step by step to draw hen drawing using your handprint. Kids will enjoy printing their little hands on the paper & to create a beautiful creature. They will enjoy & learn to color the hen. Handprint drawings are a wonderful way to capture a moment in time and create a personalized piece of art. So, let’s begin drawing!

Hen With Eggs –  Handprint Drawing Tutorial For Kids

 Hen & Egg - Beautiful Handprint Drawing Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Paper
  • Colored Sketch Pens (Red, Yellow)
  • Black Marker

Hen & Egg Handprint Drawing Instruction

Step #1: Outline The Hand Gesture With Marker

Outline The Hand Gesture With Marker

Take a piece of white paper & put your hand on it & start outlining your hand using a black marker.

Step #2: Making Hand Outline In Shape Of Hen’s Body

Making Hand Outline In Shape Of Hen's Body

Draw a hand outline in the shape of a hen’s body.

Step #3: Completing The Outline

Completing The Outline

Here outline the hand’s bottom area & draw a half-circle shape at the lower right side that shows the hen’s egg.

Step #4: Drawing Hen’s Comb

Drawing Hen's Comb

At the bottom of the hen’s body, draw eggs & after that draw a comb on the top of the hen’s head.

Step #5: Drawing Beak

Drawing Beak

Draw beak for hen.

Step #6: Drawing Wings

Drawing Wings

Now, draw the wattle (Wattles are fleshy flaps of skin that hang on either side of your hen’s throat starting just behind the beak. Wattles help to cool birds down) part just under the beak. After that draw wings in the center of the hen’s body.

Step #7: Coloring The Comb

Coloring The Comb

In this step completely draw the hen’s wings. Now, take a red sketch pen & start coloring the hen’s comb part.

Step #8: Outlining The Wings

Outlining The Wings

Also, color the wattle using a red sketch. After that take a yellow sketch pen & fill the color in the beak. Take a black color sketch pen & outline the neck & wing area.

Step #9: Coloring The Hens’ Eggs

Coloring The Hens' Eggs

Now, fill the yellow color in all the eggs.

Our Hen & Egg Beautiful Handprint Drawing Is Ready!

Our Hen & Egg Beautiful Handprint Drawing Is Ready!

This is the final look of our hen & egg handprint drawing.

We have completed our hen & egg handprint drawing. I hope you have enjoyed the process as I did. Drawing hens & eggs using your handprint is an easy & fun way to draw animals & know about animals. Kids by using their handprints as a base, can bring the image of a hen and an egg to life, showcasing their artistic skills. This tutorial not only provides a fun and engaging activity for children but also encourages them to explore different art techniques and learn about the concept of cause and effect. So, don’t miss to share your thoughts in the comment section. You could also visit our website for more handprint drawing ideas to make different animals.

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