This tutorial will show you how to draw a peacock drawing with a hand outline, improve your kid’s drawing skills with this simple hand outline drawing.

Welcome everyone! In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how to draw simple peacock drawings with hand outlines. This is an easy drawing tutorial that is suitable for preschoolers and beginners. Using simple steps and easy instructions from our tutorial, draw this simple peacock drawing effortlessly. Let’s get started!

Peacock Drawing With Palm Outline

Palm Outline Peacock Drawing Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • Craft Paper
  • Color Markers
  • Scissors (if needed)

Peacock Craft Instructions

Step #1: Drawing Hand Outline On White Craft Paper Using Black Marker

Drawing Hand Outline On White Craft Paper Using Black Marker- How to Draw a Peacock with Palm Outlines

Cut your white-colored craft paper into a circle shape, then place your left hand on the middle of your white sheet as shown in the sample picture. Then, draw the outline of your hand to your wrist using a black marker.

Step #2: Drawing Peacock’s Pattern, Wings, Eyes And Legs

Drawing Peacock's Pattern, Wings, Eyes And Legs- A Guide to Drawing Peacocks with Your Palm Print

After finishing the hand outline, draw a peacock pattern on each finger except the thumb finger and some lines out on those fingers as well to create feathers.

Below those four fingers, draw a wavy line as shown in the image and draw peacock’s wings in the middle of your finger outline.

At the left side of the thumb finger draw a horizontal V-shaped peak, above the thumb finger draw three curvy lines to make the peacock’s crown.

Then, draw the peacock’s eye in the thumb finger, near the peacock’s peak, under the peacock’s eyes draw two zigzag lines as shown in the image.

To draw peacock legs, below your peacock draw four parallel lines with three to four feet.

Coloring Our Peacock With The Use Of Colorful Markers

Coloring our peacock with the use of colorful markers- Creating a Peacock Image with Your Palm Outline

Time for coloring, use sky-blue, red, and yellow colors for peacock feathers and peacock pattern. Use red, yellow and violet color for wings. Gray, light blue and dark blue for peacock body,  then sky-blue and dark blue for neck. Use orange for your peacock’s legs and peak, use any three dark colors for crown. Using white color pencil and orange color marker to draw lashes and make up peacock’s eyes. Our hand outlines peacock drawing is completed.

Hope this simple hand outline peacock tutorial will be useful for you, leave your thoughts in the comment section and visit our website for more easy craft and art tutorials.

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