Painting hands and impressing it to make a crane, a fun artwork for kiddos to make will be guided in this step-by-step tutorial! 

Children love to get their hands on paint and colors so why not let them have fun and do something creative with it? This step-by-step tutorial has a painting of a crane with a handprint! Kids will love to paint their hands and impress them over a piece of paper! This painting is also a sensory activity for the kids to drive their motor skills and creativity as well! Get a hold on the benefits by making this artwork with us, so grab the listed materials below, and let’s begin with the procedure!

Simple Handprint Crane Painting For Beginners

Handprint Crane Painting Tutorial For Beginners

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Red Paint
  • White Clay
  • Black Marker
  • Flat Paintbrush

Handprint Crane Instruction

Step #1: Painting Your Hand

Painting Your Hand - Step-by-step Guide for Handprint Crane Painting for the Novice

Begin this artwork by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base for your artwork. Now, using a flat paintbrush, paint your right-hand red with red paint. Then, dab your finger randomly on the base to make the base a little texture with red paint, and again cover your finger with red paint wholely.

Step #2: Impressing The Hand On The Base

Impressing The Hand On The Base - Introductory Tutorial on How to Create Handprint Crane Artwork

Impress your painted hand wide open in the center of the base by applying pressure. Then remove your hand, you will get a hand impression on the base which will be the body of your crane.

Step #3: Making A Beak To The Crane

Making A Beak To The Crane - Explaining the Process of Handprint Crane Painting to Newcomers

Using a black marker, make a curved long beak on the lower side of your thumb impression of the hand as shown in the image. The thumb impression will be the face of your crane.

Step #4: Making The Eye Of The Crane

Making The Eye Of The Crane - Getting Started with Handprint Crane Painting for the Inexperienced

Take some white clay and dough it into a tiny clay ball. Put the clay ball over the face beside the beak and press to flatten it. Using the marker, make a dot in the clay circle to make the eye of your crane.

Step #5: Making Legs Of The Crane

Making The Eye Of The Crane - Handprint Crane Painting Instruction for the Uninitiated

Using the marker, make straight right legs of your crane and fold a little above the right leg of your crane with the 4 lined stroke toes of your crane.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Crane Artwork!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Crane Artwork! - Discover the Basics of Handprint Crane Painting for Beginners

Woohoo! Your handprint crane artwork is ready in no time!

You can take a minute to gaze at your creation! You can now frame this artwork on the wall to display it as a proud creation of yours! Let everyone admire your creation and artistic skills! You can also make this crane as a classroom art activity with your friends to have fun and create something unique easily! Customize your crane by adding textures and features to it, or shade it or anything! Your imagination and creativity are the limit!

Hope you had a good time making this artwork, share it with your buddies and family members! Tell us your feedback and the painting results and journey in the comment section below! We are eager to hear from you!

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