Are you looking for a Hand Outline Cute Tree Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial for beginners? If yes, then you have visited the right web page.

Cute Tree Drawing Tutorial Using Hand For Kids

Hand Outline Cute Tree Drawing Tutorial For Beginners

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Supplies & Tools

  • A Circular Plain White Sheet
  • A Black Marker Pen
  • A Sketch Pen Set

Tree Drawing Instructions

Step #1: Placing The Hand

Placing The Hand- Learn how to draw a cute tree using a hand outline for starters.

Place the hand on the white circular plain sheet and draw an outline of it using a black marker pen.

Step #2: Drawing The Eyes

Drawing The Eyes- A guide on drawing a delightful tree using a hand silhouette for beginners.

Now, draw cute and adorable eyes on it. Look at the given picture for reference.

Step #3: Drawing The Mouth and Branches

Drawing The Mouth and Branches- A tutorial for novices on drawing a pleasing tree using a hand contour.

By using the black marker pen, draw branches and the mouth of the tree.

Step #4:  Drawing The Wooden Pattern

Drawing The Wooden Pattern- A hand outline-based tutorial for those starting out on how to draw a nice tree.

On the trunk of the tree, draw wooden patterns to make it look like a tree.

Step #5:  Drawing The Leaves And Grass

Drawing The Leaves And Grass- A step-by-step guide for newbies on how to draw a pleasant tree using a hand outline.

Now, draw leaves on the brackets of the tree. Also, draw grass in the background.

Step #6: Drawing A Bird

Drawing A Bird- A tutorial for beginners to help them draw a sweet tree with a hand outline.

In the background, draw a bird by using the black marker pen.

Step #7: Coloring The Trunk

Coloring The Trunk- A lesson in drawing a lovely tree with a hand outline for those just starting out.

By using a brown sketch pen, color the trunk of the tree.

Step #8: Coloring The Branches

Coloring The Branches- An instructional guide for novices on creating a delightful tree with a hand outline.

For branches, multiple colors could be used. Pink, yellow, blue, orange, and purple are used here.

Step #9: Coloring The Leaves

Coloring The Leaves- A hand outline-based lesson for newcomers on how to draw an attractive tree.

By using light green and dark green sketch pens, color the leaves of the tree.

Step #10: Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches- A tutorial to help those beginning to learn how to draw an adorable tree with a hand silhouette.

Color all the remaining elements in the drawing. Highlight grass, color the bird and tongue of the tree.

Hand Outline Cute Tree Drawing Tutorial – For Beginners

Hand Outline Cute Tree Drawing Tutorial - For Beginners- Learn how to draw a cute tree using a hand outline for starters.

At last, the hand outline cute tree drawing has completed successfully! This was a great activity for kids of 4-9 years of age. This activity would help children to learn communication. The tree looks very colorful and the face of the tree looks adorable. Children would have definitely enjoyed it. Adults can also do this activity to have some fun. Kids can make other objects too by using this method. Anyone irrespective of their age can be engaged in this activity. Overall, it was a fun and exciting activity to be done.

Hope you like this hand outline cute tree drawing step-by-step tutorial. Do share your comments and let us know about your experience. We wish to see you soon again!

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