Hi folk, I can not wait to show you one very beautiful and … probably you will be surprised, but absolutely simple in the performance technique, with which even a little girl will be able to create different beautifulities. Here look!

Ah Roses! .. At all times they delight in perfection and inspire poets, musicians, artists … And us with you needlewomen 

Nashivaem here is a * asterisk-snowflake * It can be any size, but it is necessary with an odd number of rays.

Then, in the needle with the big eye, we cut a narrow ribbon and fix it here in this way.

We start work from the center of the star, we twist a slightly twisted ribbon alternately below and above the rays.

We work in a circle. Do you already see that a rose is emerging?! ..

A small bud-knots just “wrapped” at the very base of the tape (2-3 turns, depending on the size of the desired decor and texture and width of the material – ribbons) and stretch.

Another way to create a rose. I took a contrasting tape that would be better seen. As follows, we tighten the tape and enter the needle there.

Carefully stretch out and the flagella turns …. the flagella turns … into a beautiful rose!

In business, it looks like this Smile

Hope you like this tutorial.