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Welcome to this cycle decor: cardboard and thread craft step-by-step tutorial! This fun and easy project is perfect for both kids and adults. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make your cycle decor by using cardboard and thread. By using some easily available materials and following a few easy steps this task could be accomplished. With some basic craft skills, you’ll be able to make your decor cycle flawlessly.

Cycle Decor Using Cardboard And Thread Craft

Cycle Decor: Cardboard And Thread Craft Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • A Cardboard
  • A Tape or Anything Having a Donut-like Shape
  • A Black Marker pen
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • A Skein of Orange Color
  • Wooden Sticks
  • Glue
  • Decorative Beads

Cardboard Cycle Decor Instructions

Step #1: Tracing The Circle Shape

Trace the Shape - A Guide To Making Cardboard And Yarn Decorations

Put the tape on the cardboard and trace its outline.

Step #2: Cutting The Outline

Trace Carefully - How To Create Decorations Using Cardboard And Thread

Trace carefully and make sure that the tape is held in one place while drawing.

Step #3: Cutting The Outline Of The Inner Circle

Cut it Out - Crafting Tutorial Showing How To Use Cardboard And Thread To Decorate

Now, by using a pair of scissors, cut the trace layout. Be careful while using scissors.

Step #4: Wrapping The Wool Around The Wheel

Wrap the Wool - A Step-By-Step Tutorial On Constructing Decorations With Cardboard And Yarn

Take the cut-out and a skein, and wrap the wool around the cut-out shape as shown in the given picture.

Step #5: Making Two More Wheels In the Same Way

Make Two More - Making Decorations Out Of Paper And String

Make two more identical cutouts and wrap them using wool in the same way. These would be the wheels.

Step #6: Taking a Wooden Stick and Wrap With Wool

Wrap the Wooden Sticks - Directions On Making A Bicycle-Themed Decoration Utilizing Cardboard And String

Take a wooden stick and wrap it using the same woolen thread. Make sure it is wrapped tightly.

Step #7: Making Five More Wooden Sticks

Make Five More - A Tutorial For Making Decorations Out Of Cardboard And Thread

Take five more wooden sticks of equal length and wrap them as well using the same woolen thread. Make sure it is wrapped tightly.

Step #8: Sticking a Thread Stick in the Wheel

Stick and Wheel - Utilizing Cardboard And Thread To Make Decorations

Take a stick and cut as per the length of the inner diameter of the wheel. Then, paste the stick with the wheel as shown in the picture.

Step #9: Pasting Another Stick in Plus Sign Form

Paste Another Stick - A Guide To Building Decorations Using Cardboard And Thread

Now, cut the other stick in the same manner, that is, as per the length of the inner diameter of the wheel and paste it on the wheel so that a plus sign is formed.

Step #10: Making Two More Wheels

Make Two More - Crafting Guide For Bicycle-Themed Decorations Using Cardboard And String

Repeat the same process with other wheels as well. Cut and paste the stick in the same manner on the other two wheels.

Step #11: Pasting Wheels On Both Ends Of The Stick

Combine the Wheel - Cycle Ornaments: Directions for Making Cardboard and Thread

Now, Take a wrapped stick and two wheels. Cut the stick in half and paste wheels on both ends of the stick.

Step #12: Pasting Two Sticks In Triangular Shaped

Take Two Sticks - Bicycle Design: How to Craft with Cardboard and Yarn

Take two sticks and paste one end at both wheels. Paste the end on the point where the two sticks on wheels are intersecting.

Step #13: Pasting Another Wheel

Paste Another Wheel - Bicycle Décor: A Tutorial for Working with Cardboard and String

The two previously pasted sticks’ other ends are yet to be attached to the third wheel. Paste the two ends on the intersecting point of the wheel from both sides.

Step #14: Pasting Two Sticks Over The Front Wheel

Handle of the Cycle - Cycle Adornments: Tutorial on Working with Cardboard and Thread

Take two more sticks and paste their ends on the intersecting point of the third wheel from both the sides.

Step #15: Making Handle Bar

Handle Bar - Bicycle Art: Cardboard and Thread Crafting Guide

Take another stick and paste it on the previous two sticks. This would be the handle of our cycle.

Step #16: Decorating With Beads

Decorate It - Bicycle Trimmings: Crafting with Cardboard and String Tutorial

Take some decorative beads and paste them on both ends of the handlebar.

Finally! Cycle Decor: Cardboard And Thread Craft Tutorial – For Kids

Finally! Cycle Decor: Cardboard And Thread Craft Tutorial - For Kids - Bicycle Finery: Crafting Cardboard and Thread Guide

With this you have come to the end of the Cycle Decor: Cardboard and Thread Craft Tutorial. This was a good learning experience for kids as they learned a new technique, that is, wrapping the wool on a frame, making a cycle decor must be fun for kids of 6-12 years of age. For more decoration, a small basket along with two ducklings are added. Kids can make the basket by following a similar procedure of wrapping.

Hope you liked this Cycle Decor: Cardboard and Thread Craft Step-by-step Tutorial. Don’t forget to share your comments and inform us about your experience. Make sure to revisit our website!

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