Looking for a fun and creative craft project? Learn how to make adorable cats and owls using rocks with this step-by-step tutorial. Get inspired with these cute and easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for kids and adults alike, this craft is a great way to spend quality time and create unique decorative pieces. 

Cats and Owl Craft made with rocks is a fascinating and creative way to explore the world of DIY crafts. This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of creating adorable cat and owl figures using rocks as the main material. Both cats and owls have captivated human imagination for centuries, and now you have the opportunity to bring these iconic creatures to life uniquely and artistically. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced crafter, this tutorial will provide you with the necessary techniques and inspiration to create your masterpiece. So, grab your rocks, gather your tools, and let’s embark on this exciting crafting adventure together!

Creative Cats And Owl Craft Tutorial Using Rocks

Cats And Owl Craft Make With Rock Tutorial Step By Step

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Supplies & Tools

  • Tree Stem
  • Small & Rounded Stones
  • Marker (Orange, Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Green)
  • Drawing Sheet (Sky-Blue, White)
  • Glue

Cats And Owl Craft Instructions

Step #1: Coloring Stone

Coloring Stone

First, take a white drawing sheet & cut it into a circle using scissors & use it as a craft base. Take a small rounded stone and start coloring it with an orange marker.

Step #2: Complete Coloring Stone

Complete Coloring Stone

Here color the complete stone.

Step #3: Making Eyes Of Cat

Making Eyes Of Cat

Now, draw two circles for cat eyes on the colored stone using a white marker.

Step #4: Complete Drawing Eyes

Complete Drawing Eyes

Take a black marker start drawing outlines of the eye and draw eyeballs inside the white circles.

Step #5: Drawing Nose

Drawing Nose

Draw the cat’s nose on the face using a marker.

Step #6: Drawing Legs

Drawing Legs

Draw the legs of the cat using a black marker.

Step #7: Drawing Patch Marks

Drawing Patch Marks

Take a brown marker and start drawing patch marks on the cat’s face & body.

Step #8: Pasting Stem

Pasting Stem

Now, take a tree steam and paste it horizontally on the craft base using glue.

Step #9: Fixing Owl

Fixing Owl

Now, take a rounded stone & color it all by using a black marker to make an owl then draw owl eyes & beak & paste the owl on the top right side of the steam on the craft base.

Step #10: Pasting Cat

Pasting Cat

Now, draw the owl legs with a black marker. Paste the cat on the bottom side of the craft base.

Step #11: Fixing Another Cat

Fixing Another Cat

Now, make another cat using a brown marker on a rounded stone by the same process. Paste another brown color cat in contact with the orange cat on the left side.

Step #12: Arranging All Cats

Arranging All Cats

Now, make a third yellow cat in the same manner & paste it in contact with the 2nd brown cat.

Step #13: Drawing Cat Ears

Drawing Cat Ears

Now, start drawing the ears of the first cat using an orange sketch pen.

Step #14: Drawing Tail

Drawing Tail

After that draw the tail of the first cat & also outline the ear & tail with black marker. Draw the ears and tails of the other remaining two cats in the same manner.

Step #15: Drawing Leaves

Drawing Leaves

Draw leaves near the steam using a green marker and outline them with a black marker to give the leaves a realistic look.

That’s The Final Look Of Cats And Owl Rock Craft!

That's The Final Look Of Cats And Owl Rock Craft!

Draw some more leaves around the stem in the same manner. This is the final look of our craft after completed.

Cat & Owl Rock craft ends here. You have created this fantastic craft by your hand. I’m happy that you have created this craft & learned something new. You could show off your creations to your school friends & surprise them by showing this. You could customize this craft by creating another animal on the rocks like a bird, rabbit, etc. If you are excited to explore some more different types of crafts then you could visit our other websites also. Please share your thoughts about this craft & if want to share some ideas for future crafts then don’t hesitate please share them with us in the comment section. We are waiting & excited to hear your ideas.

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