Cactuses are amazing and easy-maintenance plants! This tutorial has brought you a stamp painting which includes a shaded cactus plant! 

We are glad you came by! This step-by-step tutorial will help you to make a cactus painting through stamps which will be shaded by mixing of colors and will look absolutely stunning! This painting is suitable for kiddos of all ages and this will drive their motor skills and imagination! This painting may seem difficult but the stamp hack will make it easier! You will only require the basic art supplies that you already have at home, let’s grab them to begin!

Shaded Cactuses Using Stamp Painting Method

Shaded Cactuses: Stamp Painting Step by Step Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Circle Stamps (Big And Small)
  • Paint Colors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Cotton Earbud

Cactuses Craft Instructions

Step #1: Making A Shaded A Line

Making A Shaded A Line- Guide to creating a shaded cactus design through stamping

Begin this artwork by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base for this painting and a circle stamp. Paint your circle stamp in 3 colors occupying 1/3 region of it in a line i.e. yellow, light green, and dark green using a paintbrush. Place your painted stamp over the mid and a little above the center of the base and drag it to the bottom of the base to make a shaded line over the base as shown in the image. This will be the stem of the cactus.

Step #2: Making More Stem Of Cactus

Making More Stem Of Cactus- Learn how to make a cactus illustration with stamping

Following the same, make 2 more stems of the cacti on both sides of it on the base. Make sure to make the lines of random sizes. See the image for reference.

Step #3: Forming The Cactus Shape

Forming The Cactus Shape- Step by step explanation of how to create a shaded cactus design

Take a small circle stamp and paint it in the same way you painted previously and then use it to make the branches of the cacti over them to give them the cactus shape as shown in the image.

Step #4: Making The Ground

Making The Ground- Tutorial on creating a cactus illustration through stamping

Dip your small circle stamp into brown paint and dab it over the bottom of the base and even over the cacti to form the ground beneath the cacti. Make sure to not drag the stamp, just dab it to form circles and cover it up.

Step #5: Completing Making The Ground

Completing Making The Ground- Detailed instructions on how to make a shaded cactus stamp painting

Completely make the ground beneath the cacti by dabbing the brown painted circle stamp at the bottom. See the image for reference.

Step #6: Making Red Flowers On The Cactus

Making Red Flowers On The Cactus- Guide to making a shaded cactus stamp painting

Dip yor small circle stamp on red paint and dab it over the stems and branches of the 2nd and 3rd cacti. Make single circles and even 5 circles collectively to make the flowers on them. See the image for reference.

Step #7: Making Pink Flowers

Making Pink Flowers- Learn the technique of stamping to create a shaded cactus

Dip your stamp into pink paint and dab it over the 1st cactus to make a single circle flower and a 4 circled flower on it.

Step #8: Making The Centers Of The Flowers

Making The Centers Of The Flowers- Step-by-step tutorial for creating a shaded cactus through stamping

Dip a cotton earbud into yellow paint and make a dot in the middle of the red 5-petaled flowers to make the center of them.

Step #9: Making More Flowers

Making More Flowers- How to make a cactus stamp painting with shading

Make dots of yellow painted cotton bud over the 1st cactus and the 3rd cactus and then dip the bud into red paint and make lines around the yellow dot to make flowers over it. See the image for reference.

Step #10: Sprinkling Paint

Sprinkling Paint- Tutorial on stamping for a shaded cactus design

Dip a paintbrush into pink and yellow watery paint and dab it on the other paintbrush to sprinkle the paint over the artwork.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Shaded Cacti Painting!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Shaded Cacti Painting!- Guide to creating a shaded cactus design with stamping

Voila! You have successfully completed to make your shaded cactus painting!

You can now decorate this artwork in your room and show it off to everyone who passes by! You can also use this painting as your school art project, I’m sure everyone will love it and will be stunned to see the flawless shading in your cactus! Flaunt your art skills by teaching everyone else to make it too! Kiddos will be keen to learn about cacti while making this artwork and encourage them to unleash their creativity to make it as unique as they are!

Hope you had fun making this painting! Share your feedback and the art journey in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you!

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