Looking for a unique flower painting to add to your collection? This tutorial is the solution! It has a finger impression flower painting! 

Hey junior artist! Today, we have an amazing flower painting for you that is unique as well! You will be making these colorful flowers by your finger impression easily through this step-by-step tutorial that will guide you on each and every step of this painting! You will only need the basic art and drawing supplies to make this artwork as it can be said a painting plus drawing! This will be a fantastic artwork to add to your collection and make it more diverse! Let’s begin!

Beautiful Flowers Drawing Finger Painting

Colorful Flowers Drawing & Finger Painting Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Green And Light Green Sketch Pens
  • Black Marker
  • Paint Colors (Pink, Purple, Blue, Yellow, And Red)

Flowers Drawing Instructions

Step #1: Drawing Leaves And Stems

Drawing Leaves And Stems - Instructions on how to draw vibrant flowers and paint with your fingers

Begin this artwork by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base for it, a green sketch pen, and a light green sketch pen. Using the green sketch pen, make the thin and long lined stems and thick and small leaves of the flowers. Make sure to make these stems and leaves spread from the top and collected at the bottom. See the image for reference. Also, using the light green sketch pen, make the same leaves among the green ones.

Step #2: Making Small Stems To the Stem

Making Small Stems To the Stem - A guide to producing colorful flower pictures and finger artwork

Using the green sketch pen, make small stems to the main stems on both sides and tilt upwards. See the image for reference.

Step #3: Dipping Fingertip In Paint

Dipping Fingertip In Paint - Learn to draw and fingerpaint colorful blossoms

Grab the pink paint and dip your fingertip in it.

Step #4: Making Pink Impressed Flowers

Making Pink Impressed Flowers - Instructions to create vivid flower drawings and finger painting

Use your painted fingertip as a paintbrush and dab it over the end of the small stems to make the pink flowers over a strand of flower. See the image for reference.

Step #5: Making More Colored Flowers

Making More Colored Flowers - Directions to paint colorful petals with your fingertips

Similarly, dip your fingertip in blue paint and make blue flowers, and then orange flowers, and purple flowers. See the image for reference.

Step #6: Making Clouds And Butterfly Wings

Making Clouds And Butterfly Wings - A lesson on how to draw brilliant flowers and paint with your fingers

Dab your blue-painted fingertip on the base above the flowers 3-4 times collectively to form a cloud and similarly make more clouds over the base. Now, for the butterfly wings, dab your yellow-painted fingertip above the flowers and one more time just beside the previous one to make the butterfly wings.

Step #7: Drawing The Butterfly Body

Drawing The Butterfly Body - A tutorial on creating stunning flower drawings and finger painting

Using a black marker, make the straight small body of the butterfly attached to the wings below and make vertical lines over the body to detail it. Also, make the long curved antennas at the left end of the butterfly’s body from the top to complete the butterfly.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Colorful Flowers!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Colorful Flowers! - A step-by-step guide to drawing vivid flowers and painting with your fingers

Congratulations! You have finally completed your artwork of these colorful flowers!

You can now decorate this artwork in your room it will definitely add colors to your room and brighten it up! You can also customize this artwork by changing the base color to match it with the color of your room’s wall, make different colored flowers, or add textures and shed to them, anything, your imagination is the limit! Make it as unique as you are! This artwork will also thrive as an art classroom activity for the children to make!

We are hoping you liked the article! Drop your feedback and tell your art journey to us in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you!

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