Hello,today I would like to offer you a master class on making sweet crocuses, or rather crocuses with a filling of sweets.

We need:
assembly foam (or foam),
corrugated paper (dense) of two colors,
glue gun with rods,
sweets (I have a Martian),
Double-sided tape,
green sisal,
organza green,
Master Class By Photo Beginners!

So, let’s get started.
We lining the basket with a plastic bag

and fill with foam (if anyone has polystyrene foam, then this step can be skipped).

After curing the foam, remove it from the basket and cut off excess.

Since my basket is not solid, I had to glue a piece of foam on the sides with double-sided tape

and wrap the sisal foam to enrich our bottom.


We begin to make crocuses.

First we’ll prepare candies. For this we take a toothpick, scotch and candy.

Inside the candy wrap paste toothpick, but do not stick into the candy,and tightly tie it with tape to the wrapper.

Here’s what we got:

Now the remaining free tail we fold

and paste it to the candy with a thermo-gun.

Here’s what we should get:

My basket is very small, but for it I needed 15 of these candies.

Now let’s do the flowers themselves.
To do this, we take a roll of corrugated paper and cut a strip 1.5 cm wide across the roll.

The resulting strip is cut into 5 parts.

One of the pieces obtained will be one petal.

To create a petal, just in the middle we twist our rectangle. It turns out a bow:

And fold our bows in half:

Now let’s stretch out a little for the sweetie:

Side view:

Slightly cut off the corners of the petal with scissors:

From two sides:

The next step will be the gluing of the petals to the candy.
We drip with a hot glue a drop underneath the petal

and glue it to the billet-candy:

In the same way, we glue the second lobe

and the third:

It turned out a crocus of three petals.

We begin to arrange our crocuses in a basket, sticking toothpicks into the foam:

Here’s what happens:

It turned out somehow naked and ugly. Therefore, we add to the flower buds of organza fungi.

For them, you need an organza, cut into squares of 10 x 10 cm, toothpicks and glue gun.

We pierce the toothpick square from the organza in the center:

Drip the glue on the toothpick

and after waiting a few seconds (not to get burned) we squeeze our squares with our fingers and catch the organza to the toothpick.

Funtik is ready.

Fill with these pounding all the free space between the flowers is very tight.

Finally, I add a little sisal, white flowers and a ladybug. I decorate the basket with a bow from the ribbon.

Thank you for attention!

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