This step by step tutorial will show you how to paint easy white cherry blossom art using very easy steps, this art tutorial is perfect for kids and beginners.

Welcome to this cherry blossom art tutorial! Here, we are going to teach you how to paint beautiful white cherry blossom art without any effort. This art tutorial is helpful for kids and beginners, using simple instructions from tutorial kids can paint this art by themselves very easily. To paint this you will need very few supplies, such as craft paper, black marker and acrylic paint. Are you ready?

Awesome White Cherry Blossom Tree Painting Idea For Kids

Beautiful White Cherry Blossom Painting Art Idea For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Red color cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Black marker
  • Earbuds
  • Acrylic paint (white and yellow)
  • Painting brush

Cherry Painting Instructions

Step 1: Cutting Red Cardstock Paper Into Circle Shape

Cutting Red Cardstock Paper Into Circle Shape- Simple Steps to Paint a Lovely Rose Vase: A Guide For Youngsters

Grab your scissors, cut red color cardstock paper into circle shape and start to draw branches at the right side.

Step 2: Drawing Tree Branches On Our Cardstock Paper

Drawing Tree Branches On Our Cardstock Paper-A Youthful Guide to Decorating a Pretty Rose Vase with Paint

With the help of black marker, draw tree branches at the left side of your circle shaped red paper. Draw some zigzag lines and add some more details with it to draw branches.

Step 3: Painting Cherry Blossom Using Earbuds

Painting Cherry Blossom Using Earbuds- Paint a Gorgeous Rose Vase Easily: A Tutorial For Kids

Take one piece of earbud and dip it into white acrylic paint, then put 5 dots on tree branches in round shape to make cherry blossom.

Step 4: Completing Cherry Blossom

Completing Cherry Blossom- An Instructive Guide For Kids to Paint a Ravishing Rose Vase

In between those cherry blossom, put some single dots on the tree branches for cherry buds.

Step 5: Putting Yellow Dots For Pollen

Putting Yellow Dots For Pollen- How To Paint a Pretty Rose Vase: A Guide For Children

Now, dip another side of your earbud into yellow color acrylic paint and put one dots in the middle of each cherry blossom.

Step 6: Putting Dots Around Tree Branches

Putting Dots Around Tree Branches- Kids Can Paint a Magnificent Rose Vase: A Tutorial For Painting

Again once, take white color paint on earbuds and put some dots around your tree branches to make floating cherry petals.

Step 7: Pouring White Paint On Our Cherry Blossom Painting

Pouring White Paint On Our Cherry Blossom Painting- A Tutorial For Children to Easily Paint a Magnificent Rose Vase

Grab your painting brush and dip it into white paint, then tap your painting brush with any pen or pencil onto your cherry blossom painting as shown in the image.

Beautiful Cherry Blossom Painting Is Completed

Beautiful Cherry Blossom Painting Is Completed- An Easy Guide For Kids to Paint a Stunning Rose Vase

That’s all our beautiful cherry blossom painting is ready! This painting art is such a easy one to paint, with the help of our tutorial you can paint this beautiful art less than 10 minutes.

We hope this easy cherry blossom art tutorial is helpful for you. Share your thoughts about this tutorial in the comment section, visit our website for more craft and art tutorials.

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