Learn crafting through paper tearing by making a sunflower! Yes, you heard it right you can make it through paper tearing with this tutorial! 

Hey craft lover! We were waiting for you! This craft is all about making a craft when you don’t have scissors with you! Haha! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through each and every step of this craft-making on creating a sunflower by shaping the paper by tearing it! This craft is suitable for kids of all ages and even beginners! You can make this craft in the boring afternoon time to have a fun crafting time! Grab the listed materials and let’s begin!

Easy Sunflower Paper Tearing Craft For Kids

Sunflower Paper Tearing Craft Tutorial For Beginners

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Colored Paper Sheets (Brown, Yellow, And Green)
  • Glue
  • Markers (Black And Green)
  • Pencil

Sunflower Paper Craft Instructions

Step #1: Pasting A Torn-Out Circle

Pasting A Torn-Out Circle- How-to Guide for First-Timers on Tearing Paper Sunflower Art

Begin this craft by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base for this craft and a brown sheet. Using a pencil, draw a circle over the brown sheet and carefully tear it out from the sheet. Paste this circle in the top center of the base using glue. This will be the center of your sunflower.

Step #2: Detailing The Sunflower Center

Detailing The Sunflower Center- Instructional Guide for Starting a Paper Sunflower Craft

Using the black marker, draw criss-cross lines over the center of the sunflower to detail it as shown in the image.

Step #3: Making Dot In Every Box

Making Dot In Every Box- Introduction to Paper Sunflower Tearing for Beginners

You will see square boxes formed by the intersection of criss-cross lines, making dots in every box using the marker.

Step #4: Pasting A Sunflower Petal

Pasting A Sunflower Petal- A Tutorial on How to Create a Sunflower Paper Tearing Project

Now, take a yellow paper sheet and using the pencil, draw the thin and long petal shape over it. Carefully cut out that petal from the paper and stick it on the side of the center using glue.  Make sure to overlap the petals on the center of the sunflower, just a little.

Step #5: Making More Petals

Making More Petals- Making a Sunflower Art Piece Using Paper Tearing Techniques for Beginners

In the same way as before, make more petals and start pasting them around the circle center keeping a little part overlapped on the center using glue.

Step #6: Completing Making A Petal Layer

Completing Making A Petal Layer- Step-by-Step Guide for Novices on Tearing Paper Sunflowers

Paste the petals until you cover the whole circle and complete a round using glue. This completes the first layer of your petals of the flower.

Step #7: Making Another Petal Layer

Making Another Petal Layer- A Simple Guide to Making a Paper Sunflower Through Tearing for Newcomers

Draw a tear-out of relatively smaller petals this time and start pasting them in between the 2 already-pasted big petals. Also, keep their ends a little overlap on the center of the sunflower using glue.

Step #8: Completing The Layer Of Petals

Completing The Layer Of Petals- A Tutorial on Making a Paper Sunflower Craft for Beginners

Complete this layer of petals wholely around the center of the sunflower. Also, paste some more petals where you can observe gaps using glue.

Step #9: Pasting The Stem Of The Sunflower

Pasting The Stem Of The Sunflower- A Guide to Paper Sunflower Tearing for Novices

From a piece of green paper, tear out a small, thin, and straight stem of the flower and paste it beneath it from behind the flower a little tilted over the base as shown in the image.

Step #10: Making Leaves To the Stem

Making Leaves To the Stem- A Beginners Guide to Creating a Sunflower Art Piece Through Paper Tearing

Draw 2 leaves on the green paper and carefully tear them out along the boundary. Paste these leaves onto the base to the stem on both sides using glue to make the leaves of the sunflower. Now, using a green marker, draw the veins of the leaves over them as shown in the image.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Paper Tearing Sunflower!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Paper Tearing Sunflower! - A Starter's Handbook for Forming a Sunflower Design Utilizing Paper Tearing

Yes! You did it! You have finally made your sunflower by perfectly tearing out the paper!

You have definitely learned a new skill while doing this craft! You can now make more of the carts using paper tearing! You just have to release your creativeness and innovativeness! You can now decorate this craft in your room to showcase your talent and can also use it as your school craft project with the topic ‘paper craft without scissors’, it will definitely be a banger and will be loved by your teacher and the idea as well!

Hope you had fun in this craft-making! Share with us your craft journey and the feedback in the comments section below! We would love to hear from you!

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