Check out this article to make a unique craft by paper tearing! You can make pretty flowers by paper tearing with the help of this tutorial! 

Hello craft lover! Today, we are guiding you in making a simple yet attractive and unique craft, paper tearing flowers! Yes, you heard it right! You can make paper flowers by tearing your paper! This craft will symbolize that being not perfect is also an art and has a unique beauty of its own! Paper tearing is not perfect and we might not get the perfect shape but that is the uniqueness of it! They will be something new and different from the basic crafts you made! Add an imperfect yet perfect craft to your collection making it!

Handmade Paper Tearing Flowers Craft Artwork

Simple Clay Flowers Craft Artwork Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools:

  • Green Circular Paper Sheet
  • Colored Paper Sheets (Orange And Yellow)
  • Glue
  • Sketch Pens (Red And Green)

Paper Tearing Flowers Instructions

Step #1: Tearing Out An Oval

Tearing Out An Oval-A straightforward paper tearing flowers craft for children.

Begin this craft by taking a green circular paper sheet as the base for your craft and a yellow paper sheet. Tear out an oval shape from the yellow paper.

Step #2: Pasting The Oval Over The Base

Pasting The Oval Over The Base-An easy paper-tearing flower project for kids.

Paste the oval torn-out shape over the green base using glue. This will be the petals of a flower.

Step #3: Making And Detailing All Petals

Making And Detailing All Petals-A fun and easy paper-tearing flower craft for the little ones.

Following the same, tear out random circles and ovals from the yellow and orange paper sheets to make more and more petals of flowers and paste them onto the base randomly using glue.

Step #4: Making The Center Of The Flower

Making The Center Of The Flower- A basic paper-tearing flower activity for kids.

Using a red sketch pen, make the center of the flower by making an oval and some strokes coming out of the oval.

Step #5: Making The Stem With Leaves

Making The Stem With Leaves-An uncomplicated paper-tearing flower craft for young ones.

Using a green sketch pen, draw a curved stem to the flower and similar thin and curved leaves on the stem.

Step #6: Completing All The Flowers

Completing All The Flowers-An effortless paper-tearing flower activity for children.

Following the same, make the oval centers of all the flowers using the red sketch pen and make the strokes from the oval of the bigger flower. Also, make the leaves and stems of the flowers beneath each flower as we made them previously.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Paper Tearing Flowers Craft!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Paper Tearing Flowers Craft!-A straightforward paper-tearing flower project for the young ones.

Congratulations! You made your paper-tearing flower craft like a pro!

These paper-tearing flowers are not perfectly made but are beautiful in their imperfections! This craft will be an inspiring one for all the people! Having a positive mindset makes you flawless! Decorate it in your room to serve as a daily reminder of the fact! You can also use this craft as a school craft project which is safe for children and does not require the use of scissors! You can also customize your pretty flowers like making them from different colored paper or detailing them differently using sketch pens or any type of colors! Your imagination is the limit!

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