Explore a step-by-step chrysanthemum flower easy painting tutorial for kids. This activity is for you to learn a new technique. This awaits you!

Adorable Chrysanthemum Flower Easy Painting

 Chrysanthemum Flower Easy Painting Tutorial

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Tools & Supplies

  • A Plain White Circular Sheet
  • Earbuds
  • A Thin Paintbrush
  • Maroon And Green Poster Colors Plain

Chrysanthemum Flower  Painting Instructions

Step #1: Draw Dots

Draw Dots - Easy Chrysanthemum Flower Painting Guide

Take an earbud and draw dots in a circle. Use maroon poster color. Look at the given picture for reference.

Step #2: Spread The Paint

Spread the Paint - How to Paint a Chrysanthemum Flower Easily

By using the same earbud, spread the paint in lines in order to make flower petals.

Step #3: Make It Look Even

Make It Look Even - Simple Steps on Painting a Chrysanthemum

By using a thin paintbrush, make the petals look evenly drawn.

Step #4: Draw Stem And Leaves

Draw Stem and Leaves - An Easy Tutorial on Painting Chrysanthemums

Take a green poster color and draw a stem and leaves by using a green poster color and a paintbrush.

Chrysanthemum Flower Easy Painting Tutorial – For Kids

Chrysanthemum Flower Easy Painting Tutorial - For Kids - A Walkthrough on Painting Chrysanthemums Easily

With this, you have come to the end of the Chrysanthemum Flower Easy Painting Tutorial. This was a good learning experience for kids as they learned about painting, making a chrysanthemum flower must be fun for kids of 3-6 years of age. This flower looks very engrossing and adorable. The maroon color is eye-pleasing. Kids have learned about a new mechanism from this tutorial. They have also learned about a new flower.

Hope you liked this Chrysanthemum Flower Easy Painting Step-by-step Tutorial. Don’t forget to share your comments and inform us about your experience. Make sure to revisit our website!

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