Unique art and craft tutorial to make an adorable Crocodile Artwork using excess bubble wrap – ideal for kids of all age groups. Check this out!!

Welcome kiddos! Today in this section we are going to walk you through the demonstrated step-by-step procedure on how to craft a Bubble Wrap Crocodile just in minutes. With merely simple skills one can easily complete this artwork without any difficulty and is appropriate for all kids and toddlers out there. So without any delay let’s get started!

Simple Bubble Wrap Crocodile Artwork Craft

Bubble Wrap Crocodile Artwork Craft Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • A piece of round cardboard
  • Acrylic paints
  • Paint brushes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • White/color papers

Crocodile Artwork Instructions

Step #1: Taking A Piece Of Round Cardboard

Taking a Piece of Round Cardboard- Creating a Crocodile Artwork Project Using Bubble Wrap

First, take a piece of cardboard in the shape of a circle or if you have any circle board you can even cut out it from other larger sizes.

Step #2: Painting The Background

Painting the Background- Constructing a Crocodile Art Out of Bubble Wrap

Next, paint the cardboard with brown and blue to represent land and water. Keep it aside to let the paint dry completely. These colors provide an outlook of a crocodile on land out of the water.

Step #3: Tracing And Pasting The Crocodile Figure

Tracing and Pasting the Crocodile Figure- Step-by-Step Guide to Making a Crocodile Craft with Bubble Wrap

Now trace a comical crocodile figure on the bubble wrap and cut it out separately with care and caution. Paste the silhouette on the surface of the painted cardboard as shown below.

Step #4: Painting The Bubbly Crocodile

Painting the Bubbly Crocodile- How to Make a Crocodile Art Piece from Bubble Wrap

Let’s add some color to our bubbly friend crocodile. Leave an oval space in the middle of the crocodile’s figure and paint the remaining spaces with bright green.

Step #5: Painting The Crocodile’s Belly

Painting the Crocodile's Belly- Tutorial for Assembling a Crocodile Artwork with Bubble Wrap

Now paint the left-out space which is the crocodile’s belly with radiant yellow paint. This color variation provides a little detailing to our artwork.

Step #6: Never Forget To Add A Smile

Never Forget to Add a Smile- Instructional Guide for Crafting a Crocodile Picture with Bubble Wrap

Cut a slight curve of a smile from a black colored paper and paste it firmly with the help of glue as displayed here.

Step #7: Adding Googly Eyes

Adding Googly eyes- Learn to Create a Crocodile Art Piece with Bubble Wrap

Now paste the googly eyes in the two triangles on the crocodile’s head using glue. These big googly eyes give an adorable look to our crocodile friend.

Step #8: Dusting Some Blush

Dusting some Blush- Making Crocodile Artwork with Bubble Wrap - A Tutorial

Add extra details to make it a cute one. Take a piece of red colored paper and cut a tiny circle. Paste it on the cheek part of the crocodile to add a little blush.

Step #9: Adding Extra Details

Adding Extra Details- Creating a Crocodile Craft Using Bubble Wrap

Now on a piece of white paper draw an image of two hands holding a heart and color them in green and red respectively. Then cut and paste it as shown here. Spread love!!!

Step #10: Adding Details To The Background

Adding Details to the Background- A Guide to Forming a Crocodile Artwork with Bubble Wrap

To fill up the blank spaces in the background draw some green strokes using earbuds like a palm tree at the beach. Alternate the colors between dark and light green to provide depth to the artwork.

Step #11: Making Small Detailings

Making Small Detailings- Learn how to make a creative crocodile out of Bubble Wrap

Add wavy waves to the beach using earbuds with white paint. These white waves give depth to the artwork.

Bubble Wrap Crocodile Art Is Ready!

Bubble Wrap Crocodile Art Is Ready!-A step-by-step guide to constructing an artful crocodile with Bubble Wrap

Tada!! Look at our cool crocodile friend enjoying his vacation at the beach. This artwork can be hung on the way or can be gifted to your friends as a handmade gift.

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