Make the terrifying dinosaurs, cute, with us! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you on making a dinosaur drawing easily by hand outline! 

This drawing is on the most terrifying creature of all time which has been extended! Dinosaurs! Well, today we will show you that they can be cute too! Don’t believe me? See for yourself. This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to make a dinosaur drawing by using a hand gesture as a stencil, and outlining it to make the drawing even easier! We always try to come up with an easy alternative so that even a beginner can make the art and craft on their own! Let us begin!

 Easy Hand Outline Dinosaur Face Drawing Tutorial

Hand Outline Dinosaur Face Drawing Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • White A4 Sized Paper Sheet
  • Colors (Any)
  • Black Marker

Dinosaur Drawing Instructions

Step #1: Outlining The Hand Gesture

Outlining The Hand Gesture- Create a dinosaur face using a hand outline - tutorial

Begin this artwork by taking a white A4 size paper sheet as the base for this drawing and a black marker. Make a ‘C’ shape from your left hand, make sure to keep this shape with the horizontal straight ends. Place this hand gesture over the portrait view of your base and using the marker, roughly outline the hand gesture over the base.

Step #2: Making The Dinosaur Base

Making The Dinosaur Base- Learn to draw a dinosaur face using a hand silhouette

Make sure to outline your hand till the end of the base covering your forearm as well. This will be the base of your dinosaur face and neck. The palm area will be the face, the ‘C’ gesture will be the mouth, and the forearm will be the neck.

Step #3: Making The Dinosaur Features

Making The Dinosaur Features- Instructions on how to draw a dinosaur face using a hand outline

Using the marker, make the sharp triangular teeth of the dinosaur in its mouth. Also, make the round eyes on the face above the mouth with the shine in the eyeball as shown in the image.

Step #4: Making Its Spikes And Nostrils

Making Its Spikes And Nostrils- A hand silhouette tutorial for crafting a dinosaur face

Using the marker, make the curvy spikes of the dinosaur above its neck and make 2 dotted nostrils above the mouth on the face as shown in the image.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Dinosaur Drawing!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Dinosaur Drawing! - Drawing a dinosaur face with a hand outline - guide

Next, draw a straight line beneath the dinosaur from the curve of its neck to the bottom of the base and make horizontal curvy scales on that region of its body.

For the last step, color out your dinosaur using any type of colors you like just like as shown in the image. Also, using red color, make the spirals over the base, and using yellow color make circles over the base randomly. Using the black marker write, ‘Hi’ on the right side of the base with a heart dot of the ‘i’ as shown in the image.

Woohoo! Look at this cutie! You didn’t think this creature could be adorable too, right?!

You can take a minute to glaze at your creation! This drawing will definitely be a great addition to your collection! You can also make this drawing even more extraordinary by adding your touch of creativity! Make it as unique as you are! If you are fond of dinosaurs and a fan of the movie Jurassic World, then this drawing will serve as an admiration for your choice in your room!

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