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Dog Drawing Using Hand Gestures for Kids

Hand Gesture Outline Dog Drawing Tutorial


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Supplies & Tools

  • A Plain Circular White Sheet
  • A Black Marker Pen
  • Wax Crayons

Dog Drawing Instructions

Step #1: Drawing An Outline

Drawing An Outline- Guide to Crafting a Hand Signal Representation of a Canine

Take the plain circular white sheet and a black marker pen. Start drawing an outline of your hand gesture. Look at the picture for the reference.

Step #2: Drawing The Detailings

Draw The Detailings- An Illustration of How to Make a Representation of a Dog with Hand Movements

By using a black marker pen, draw the eyes, collar, tongue, teeth, nose, and face of the dog.

Hand Gesture Outline Dog Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial – For Kids

Hand Gesture Outline Dog Drawing Step-by-step Tutorial - For Kids- Learn How to Represent a Dog Through Hand Movements

And your craft is ready! A hand gesture outline of a dog by tracing the outline of a particular gesture. This hand tracing method looks very fascinating and the dog looks vibrant. Children would have definitely enjoyed it. Adults can also do this activity to have some fun. Kids can make other animals or birds too by using this method. Anyone irrespective of their age can be engaged in this activity. Overall, it was a fun and exciting activity to be done.

Hope you like this hand gesture outline of the dog step-by-step tutorial. Do share your comments and let us know about your experience. We hope to see you soon again!

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