Every child has made the classic mountain with river drawing in their life! This tutorial will help you make it with a hack by hand-outline! 

Hello and welcome to the amazing world of art and craft we are here to make your artistic life easier and more creative! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you in making the classic drawing including mountains, a river coming from the mountains, greenery all around, and the sky with sun and birds flying! Yes, that one which you all make or have made in your childhood! This one is the same but with a special hack using your hand outline! Try it out with us!

Easy Mountain Landscape Hand Outline Hack Drawing

Mountain Landscape: Hand Outline Hack Drawing Tutorial

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Crayons (Red, Brown, Light, And Dark Green)
  • Sketch Pens (Blue And Red)
  • Black Pen

  Landscape Drawing Instructions

Step #1: Outlining The Hand

Outlining The Hand - Guide to Sketching a Mountain Scene with a Hand Outline

Begin this drawing by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base for the artwork and a green-colored wax crayon. Place your hand at the bottom left of the base keeping only the fingers on the base and not the palm. Now, outline your hand over the base using the crayon. This will be the boundary of the mountain of your drawing.

Step #2: Making More Mountain Boundaries

Making More Mountain Boundaries - Techniques for Drawing a Mountain Landscape with a Hand Outline

In the same way, make more mountain boundaries over the base of green and light green crayons alternatively. See the image for reference.

Step #3: Coloring The Mountains

Coloring The Mountains - Drawing Tutorial for a Mountain Landscape with a Hand Outline

Divide the bottom of the base and the mountains by making a horizontal line in the middle of the boundaries then start to color the mountains from the upper half part of them above the horizontal line using the same shade of color as their boundary.

Step #4: Making A Pathway

Making A Pathway - How to Create a Mountain Landscape with a Hand Outline

Using a brown crayon, make a wavy pathway below the middle mountain on the base and color it out from the same as shown in the image.

Step #5: Making Grassy Ground

Making Grassy Ground - Instructions for Crafting a Mountain Landscape with a Hand Outline

Color the sides of the pathway from the light green crayon lightly to make the grassy ground beneath the mountains.

Step #6: Making Grass

Making Grass - Step-by-Step Drawing of a Mountain Landscape with a Hand Outline

Using the green crayon, make the 3-stroked grass all over the ground as shown in the image.

Step #7: Making The Sun

Making The Sun - Exploring a Mountain Landscape with a Hand Outline Drawing

Using the red crayon, make the sun visible half on the left top side of the base and color it. Make the sun rays of the sun using the red sketch pen by making small lined strokes that look like coming out of the sun.

Step #8: Making Clouds And Birds In The Sky

Making Clouds And Birds In The Sky - Manual for Drawing a Mountain Scenery with a Hand Outline

Using the blue sketch pen, make small curvy clouds over the top of the base above the mountains to make clouds in the sky. Also, using the black pen, make the classic curvy birds below the clouds and above the mountains randomly.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Mountain Landscape!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Mountain Landscape! - Mountain Landscape Hack with a Hand Outline Drawing

Voila! You have successfully completed your amazing drawing with mountains and greenery!

This drawing is surely a hit collection and if you are making it with your kid then you might get nostalgic! This artwork will be a hit addition to your art collection! Show it off to everyone to let them admire your creation, the way you made the boring classic drawing into a unique one! You can also add up more creativity to it by, making textures on it, shading with colors, or making textures using a scraper! Make it as unique as you are, your imagination is the limit!

Hope you liked this article and description! Share it with your buddies! Also, tell us your feedback in the comments section below!

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