Learn how to make cute little origami heart with the help of this tutorial, this easy craft is suitable for kids of all ages.

Welcome everyone! In this tutorial, we are going to teach you how fold cute little origami heart, which is suitable for all age kids. With some easy and simple folding, create this beautiful heart within 5 minutes. You can use this origami heart to decorate your kids room, birthday party and also paste this origami heart on your wall. Let’s start!

Origami Paper Heart Craft For Kids

Paper Heart Origami Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Purple color origami craft paper(you can use any color)
  • Scissors
  • Glue (if needed)

Paper Heart Instructions

Step #1: Folding Origami Paper Into Half

Folding Origami Paper Into Half- Step-by-step instructions on how to make an origami heart using paper for children

Cut 10×10 cm square from your origami craft paper. Grab left and right side of that piece of paper and fold it into half and unfold it.

Step #2: Folding Few Inches Of Origami Paper Inside

Folding Few Inches Of Origami Paper Inside- Tutorial for kids on how to make a paper heart origami

At the bottom of your craft paper, fold few inches inside as shown in the image.

Step #3: Folding Our Craft Paper Into Half Again

Folding Our Craft Paper Into Half Again- Guide to creating a paper heart origami for kids

Now, once again fold your craft paper into half from bottom to top as shown.

Step #4: Folding Origami Craft Paper Diagonally

Folding Origami Craft Paper Diagonally- Learning to construct a paper heart origami designed for youngsters

Then, grab both side of your craft paper and diagonally fold both side of craft paper inside.

Step #5: Folding Origami Paper Diagonally Again

Folding Origami Paper Diagonally Again- Paper heart origami tutorial specifically for kids

Grab the folded side of paper and again diagonally fold it outside as shown in the image.

Step #6: Folding Corners Of Craft Paper

Folding Corners Of Craft Paper- Teaching kids how to make a paper heart origami craft

Now, fold two corners of your origami craft paper inside and open it as shown, you can find the remaining part above. Fold that remaining part inside of the opening.

Step #7: Folding The Edges Of Origami Heart

Folding The Edges Of Origami Heart- Guiding children through the process of constructing a paper heart origami

Then, fold the sharp edges of your origami heart. After that, with the help of ruler, give little pressure on the center of your origami heart at the top to make 3D effect.

Our Cute Origami Paper Heart Is Ready!

Our Cute Origami Paper Heart Is Ready!- Simple instructions on making a paper heart origami for kids

We have complete our cute little origami paper heart. This one of the easiest origami crafts, which is suitable for kids and beginners. Using our step by step tutorial improve your origami skills, create more origami heart like this using different colored origami craft paper for decoration purpose.

Hope this origami heart tutorial is useful for you, leave your thoughts about our tutorial in comment section and for more art and craft tutorials like this, visit our website.

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