Plush Work (With Pearl Cotton)

I wanted to keep experimenting with different flosses, so when a couple reader comments suggested pearl cotton, I decided to give it a try!

Layer 1: Orange

I have lots of spacing in between my stitches – but it is the first layer and I will be covering it up with more layers – so it doesn’t need to be perfect!

Layer 2: Green

Layer 3: Orange

Layer 4: Green

Time to cut through the layers and remove the plastic template.

Here it is before “fluffing”.

… and after “fluffing”.

I decided to trim the pearl cotton with my scissors to see if it would change the appearance.

Here it is after trimming with the scissors and fluffed.

I do like how the plush work turned out with the pearl cotton, but I have decided the best results are when you use the tapestry wool.

P.S. I saw a reader comment on the previous post asking how the plush work does not fall apart when you cut it. Here is a photo of the back.

It is actually the surface satin stitch – where you will bring the thread up from the back right next to the previous stitch on the same side – there are only long threads going across on the front side of your work.

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