In this step-by-step tutorial, we will teach kids how to create a vibrant and eye-catching drawing using crayons and feathers. With our easy-to-follow instructions, children will learn how to combine different colors and textures to bring their artwork to life. 

Welcome to the colorful crayon feather drawing art tutorial for kids! This tutorial is designed to ignite your child’s creativity and introduce them to the wonderful world of drawing using a unique medium – crayons. With step-by-step instructions and fun techniques, your little artist will learn how to create stunning feather drawings bursting with vibrant colors. This tutorial is perfect for them to explore their artistic abilities playfully and imaginatively. For making this craft we just need some crayon colors, and paper. So let’s start making our feather drawing.

Beautiful Crayon Feather Drawing Art Tutorial

Colorful Crayon Feather Drawing Art Tutorial for Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Scissors
  • Black Marker
  • Drawing Sheet
  • Crayon Colors (Yellow, Orange, Green, Pink, Blue, Sky-Blue)
  • Cotton Buds

Feather Drawing Instruction

Step #1: Drawing Feather Stick On White Paper

Drawing Feather Stick On White Paper

Take a plain white sheet and a black marker. With the marker, draw a curved line on the sheet.

Step #2: Coloring on Feather Stick

Coloring on Feather Stick

Take orange & yellow colors & start drawing circles on the curved line first with orange & then yellow color from the base to the top of the line.

Step #3: Coloring With Different Colours

Coloring With Different Colors

Take green, blue, pink, and sky-blue colors & start drawing green, blue, pink & sky-blue circles respectively as shown in the above image.

Step #4: Scattering The Colour with Cotton Buds

Scattering The Color with Cotton Buds

Now, take a cotton bud and use it to spread the color sideways, forming a feather-like pattern.

Step #4: Scattering All The Colors

Scattering All The Colors

Similarly, spread the color of each colored circle from the base to the top.

Our Colorful Feather Drawing is Now Ready!

Our Colorful Feather Drawing is Now Ready!

After following all the steps, here is the final look of the craft.

Our beautiful feather drawing art has been completed here. By following the step-by-step instructions, children can create beautiful and vibrant feather drawings using simple materials like crayons. This tutorial not only encourages imaginative thinking but also promotes fine motor skills development. Whether it’s for a school project or just a fun afternoon activity, this tutorial provides an engaging and enjoyable experience for children to express themselves through art. Please don’t miss to share your thoughts in the comment section because we are happy to hear your thoughts. If you want to explore some more drawings like cartoons, animals, or nature-related sceneries then please visit our other websites.

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