Hedgehogs are spiky little creatures that are cute as well! This tutorial will guide you in making a hedgehog craft that is even so colorful! 

Welcome to the wonderful world of crafting where you can design and recreate nature’s creation in any way you want and we will help you through it! This step-by-step tutorial will guide you on making a colorful hedgehog craft using colored paper sheets and the basic craft supplies that you already have at home! This craft is suited for the kids of 4-9 age. The kiddos won’t need the help of any elder or experienced in this craft as we will be instructing on each and every step! Let’s begin!

Cute Hedgehog Colorful Paper Craft For Kids

Colorful Hedgehog Paper Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Colored Paper Sheets
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Black Marker

Paper Hedgehog Instructions

Step #1: Cutting Out A Diamond Shape

Cutting Out A Diamond Shape- Tutorial for a Vibrant Hedgehog Paper Craft for Children

Begin this craft by taking a white and red paper sheet, a pair of scissors, and a black marker. Using the marker, over the white sheet, draw a hedgehog drawing, You can take the help of any clipart or drawing. Now, using scissors, cut out a small diamond shape from the red paper sheet.

Step #2: Folding And Pasting The Diamond Shape

Folding And Pasting The Diamond Shape- Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Colorful Hedgehog Paper Art for Kids

Fold the diamond shape in half to see a triangle. Paste the triangle over the hedgehog’s spiky body part from the front end using glue. Make sure to only stick from one folded side of the triangle, leaving the other side lying open. This triangle will represent the spike of the hedgehog.

Step #3: Making More Colorful Spikes

Making More Colorful Spikes- Directions for Creating a Cheerful Hedgehog Paper Craft for Little Ones

Paste the very front layer of the hedgehog spike with the red folded triangles as you made the previous one. Behind them make the next layer of the spikes of the orange paper triangle spikes. These orange triangles will slightly be pasted over the red one’s pasted side. Make the next layer of yellow paper spikes and paste them in the same way you pasted the orange ones over the red. In the same way, continue to make the layers behind them pink, then green, then blue spikes.

Step #4: Completing Making The Spikes Layers

Completing Making The Spikes Layers- Guide to Make a Bright Hedgehog Paper Project for Youngsters

Make the next and next layers till you reach the end of the color order yellow, peach, and pink at the last.

Your Colorful Paper Spike Hedgehog Craft Is Ready!

Your Colorful Paper Spike Hedgehog Craft Is Ready!- How to Create a Colorful Hedgehog Paper Craft for Kids

Woohoo! This is the final look of your colorful hedgehog!

Add this hedgehog to your craft collection to make it more colorful! Colors always excite everyone and this hedgehog is surely made up to your expectations! You can also customize your hedgehog in any way you like! Well, I have an idea for you, make it up for the occasion you have like, for Christmas, make your hedgehog white and red! You can get as creative as you want in your imagination and then let it all out on this craft!

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