This painting is a beautiful depiction of a peaceful lavender garden at night, with vibrant colors and a tranquil atmosphere.

Beautiful Lavender Garden Night View Painting

Colorful Lavender Garden Night View Painting

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Supplies & Tools:

  • Black craft paper
  • Green, yellow, white, purple and pink paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Earbuds

Lavender Painting Instructions

Step #1: Painting The Stems of The Lavender

Painting The Stems of The Lavender - Picture of a Lavender Garden at Night, Abundant with Color

Your first step would be to cut out a big circle from black craft paper. This circle will be your canvas for your painting. Grab a paintbrush, preferably a thin-sized brush and dip it in green paint. Paint long stems for your lavenders. Space the stems out well.

Step #2: Painting Yellow Stems And More Green Stems

Painting Yellow Stems And More Green Stems- Lavender Garden at Night-time Illuminated with Vibrant Hues

Paint as many green stems as you can. Now using yellow paint, paint a few yellow stems as well. Make sure all your stems are spaced out well. You can paint the stems of different sizes.

Step #3: Painting The Yellow Lavender Petals

Painting The Yellow Lavender Petals- A Vivid Lavender Garden Lit Up During the Evening

You will now pick up your earbud and use that as a tool to paint. Dip the earbud in yellow paint and dab dots around the stems to make lavender petals. Continue doing that till you fill the stem sufficiently. These dabbed dots make the yellow-lavender petals look realistic.

Step #4: Painting Pink Lavender Petals

Painting Pink Lavender Petals- Painting of a Lavender Garden in the Gloom of Nighttime

Take another earbud and dip it in pink paint or lavender paint. Dab this onto the other stems. These will make your purple lavender petals.

Step #5: Adding Purple Lavender Petals

Adding Purple Lavender Petals- A View of a Colorful Lavender Garden in the Dark of Night

Your final petal colour would be purple. Dab purple spots of lavender petals onto the remaining stems. To add finishing touches to the flowers, add dots of white with an earbud onto each stem, blending them with the other colours.

Step #6: Painting The Sun

Painting The Sun- A Visual of a Lavender Garden in the Evening, Full of Color

With an earbud, you will now paint the sun. Dip the earbud in yellow paint and make a circular motion onto the top of the paper. This yellow circle will be your sun. It should look like the sun as shown in the image.

Step #7: Adding White to The Sun

Adding White to The Sun- A Painting of a Lavender Garden at Night, with Vivid Colors

Next, add streaks of white in the sun using the same earbud. This will give the sun a shiny look.

Step #8: Adding Stray Flying Petals

Adding Stray Flying Petals- An Illuminated Lavender Garden, Showcasing its Colorful Beauty

Your last step would be to add flying petals onto the blank spaces to give the art a windy and realistic effect.  Add dots of yellow and white lavender petals around the flowers to give the windy effect.

Colorful Lavender Garden Night Painting Is Ready!

Final Image: - Evening Lavender Garden, with its Colorful Splendor on Display

Ta-da!! Your Colourful Lavender Garden Night View Painting is all done and ready for you to showcase to the world!!!

This art is fun creative and beautiful to look at. It brings out your inner artisan and helps you boost your creativity. Kids will learn a new method of painting and have fun with this nature themes art. The bright and colourful flowers make this art perfect for decorations and art projects and can be used in various ways. This step-by-step tutorial will make your art process easy and enjoyable. So grab your paints and engage yourselves and your kids in this beautiful art!

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