Ever thought what a cat world would look like? Lots of cats that are even taller than the humans! Cat lovers, this painting is for you! 

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you on making cute and tall kittens easily as a stamp painting! This painting is perfect to make for cat lovers as they will be able to flaunt and flourish their liking! This painting is pretty easy to make as you will be using stamps to make it so, it is suitable for younger kids as well! Kiddos will love to get their hands on paint and make something on their own with this tutorial! So, without any further delay, let’s know the procedure!

Easy Kitten Stamp Painting For Kids

Cute Kitten Stamp Painting Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Circular Paper Sheet
  • Paint Colors (Red, Blue, Green, And Pink)
  • Circle Stamps (Big And Small)
  • Black Marker And Pen
  • Paintbrush

Kitten Painting Instructions

Step #1: Stamping A Red Circle

Stamping A Red Circle - Guide for Children to Paint a Sweet Kitten Stamp

Begin this artwork by taking a white circular paper sheet as the base for your painting and a circle stamp. Dp the circle stamp into red paint and dab it over the upper side of the base. This will be the face for your kitten.

Step #2: Making The Body Of Your Kitten

Making The Body Of Your Kitten - How to Paint a Lovely Kitten Stamp for Little Ones

Dip a paintbrush into red paint and make 2 lines from below the face of the cat vertically tilted outwards and color it out wholely to make the body of the cat. See the image for reference.

Step #3: Making More Kittens

Making More Kittens - Instructions for Kids to Create a Cute Kitten Stamp Picture

In the same way, make more kittens with face and body over the base. Use 2 different sizes of circle stamps to make the face of kittens. Make the 2 kittens on the left side of the red one and 1 on the right side. Make the 1st smaller kitten of the pink color on the left and the 2nd one blue and of similar size as the red one. Make the right side kitten green color, smaller than the red, and bigger than pink. See the image for reference.

Step #4: Making The Features & Texture Of The Red Kitten

Making The Features & Texture Of The Red Kitten - Step-by-Step Tutorial for Kids to Paint a Kitten Stamp

Using the black marker, make the inverted V-shaped ears above the head of the red kitten on the sides. Also, make the curve closed eyes, a circle nose with a curvy mouth right below it, and the 3-lined whiskers of the red kitten beside the nose. See the image for reference.

Using a black pen, make texture over the neck of the kitten by making small curved heart patterns in 3 horizontal lines then 3 dashed-horizontal lines, and then again repeat the same to the end of the neck to texture it wholely.

Step #5: Detailing The Pink Kitten

Detailing The Pink Kitten - Learn How to Paint a Charming Kitten Stamp with Kids

Make the facial features of the pink kitten as same as the red one, just make the eyes round and open.

To texture the neck of the pink kitten, make small circles in horizontal lines to cover it wholely.

Step #6: Detailing The Blue And Green Kitten

Detailing The Blue And Green Kitten - A Kid-Friendly Guide on Painting a Lovely Kitten Stamp

Make the facial features of the blue and green kitten the same as the pink one.

Texture the blue kitten’s neck by making a vertical zig-zag line over the whole neck and then make triangles on the sides of the zig-zag pattern along it as shown in the image.

Texture the green kitten’s neck by making slanting lines at a particular distance from each other and making small dots above the slanting lines along them. See the image for reference.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Kittens Painting!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Kittens Painting! - Paint a Cute Kitten Stamp with Children Through This Tutorial

Voila! You have successfully completed making your cute kittens!

You can now put it on your room’s wall to have a wall decor that will showcase that you are a cat lover! You can even customize your kittens to make your favorite ones, like, you can add fur on them, make more textures on them to make them look real, or change their color! They will look adorable in any way! You can also change the background of these kitten to suit your imagination! Make it as unique and beautiful as you are!

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