Want to make a painting in an extraordinary manner? This step-by-step tutorial will guide you to make a polythene impression flower painting! 

Hello and welcome to this wonderful painting article! In this tutorial will be making a flower painting through the polythene impression technique that will give you extraordinary results that you wouldn’t have imagined! The painting will turn out so perfect and flawless that you will love it! We will guide you on each and every step, from gathering the materials to the painting pattern and technique! Unleash the inner artist in you because you are about to shock yourself!

Flowers Painting Using Polythene For Beginners

Polythene Impression Flowers Painting Tutorial For Beginners

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Paper Sheet
  • Polythene
  • Paint Colors
  • Paintbrushes (Rounded And Flat)
  • Water
  • Palette
  • Cotton Earbuds

Polythene Flower Instructions

Step #1: Taking A Polythene

Taking A Polythene- Guide to Creating Polythene Imagery with Flowers for Newcomers

Begin this painting by taking a polythene.

Step #2: Tying A Knot

Tying A Knot- Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Create Polythene Paintings with Flowers for Beginners

Next, tie a knot at the very corner of your polythene.

Step #3: Blowing In The Polythene

Blowing In The Polythene- A Primer on Creating Polythene Artwork with Flowers for New Artists

Blow air in the polythene and secure it by tying a knot from the opened side and holding it tightly. Now, you will use this polythene as a stamp for your flowers.

Step #4: Taking Yellow Paint In Palette

Taking Yellow Paint In Palette- A Guide for Novices on How to Make Polythene Art with Flowers

Take a palette and put some yellow paint on it.

Step #5: Dipping The Polythene Stamp In Paint

Dipping The Polythene Stamp In Paint- How to Make Polythene Pictures with Flowers for Novice Painters

Dip your polythene stamp into the yellow paint that you have poured on the palette from the side where you have made the first knot.

Step #6: Stamping Yellow Flower

Stamping Yellow Flower- An Instructional Guide on Polythene Art Using Flowers for Beginners

Now, dab your stamp on a white sheet of paper to see a stamped flower.

Step #7: Making More Stamped Flowers

Making More Stamped Flowers- A Guide to Creating Polythene Paintings with Flowers for Beginners

Following the same, dip the polythene stamp into red, yellow, and orange paint to make these colored flowers randomly over the paper.

Step #8: Making Stems Of The Flowers

Making Stems Of The Flowers- A Tutorial on How to Make Polythene Artworks with Flowers for Beginners

Dip a paintbrush into green paint and make the irregular stems of the flowers beneath them over the paper.

Step #9: Completing Making The Stems

Completing Making The Stems- A Guide to Making Polythene Images with Flowers for New Artists

Make stems of all the flowers beneath them over the base as shown in the image.

Step #10: Making Leaves To The Stems

Making Leaves To The Stems- A Tutorial on How to Create Polythene Pictures with Flowers for Beginners

Using the same paintbrush, make the leaves among the stems by making other stems for the leaves as well randomly between them.

Step #11: Detailing Stems And Making Grass

Detailing Stems And Making Grass- A Guide to Crafting Polythene Images with Blooms for Kids

Now, dip a cotton earbud into light green paint and make tiny leaves over the stems of the flowers and leaves, covering them wholely from both sides. Also, using the green painted paintbrush, make the small curvy strokes at the bottom of the paper to make the grass in the ground.

Step #12: Making The Center Of The Flowers

Making The Center Of The Flowers- A Guide for Constructing Polythene Photos with Blossoms for Beginners

Dip another cotton earbud into yellow paint and dab it over the middle of the flowers to make the center 4-5 times collectively. Now, dip the cotton earbud into brown paint and again dab over the yellow centers to make scattered dots over them separately. See the image for reference.

Step #13: Sprinkling Paint On The Painting

Sprinkling Paint On The Painting- How to Assemble Polythene Photos with Flowers for Beginners

Dip a flat paintbrush into the mixture of red paint and water, pat that paintbrush to the rounded one, and sprinkle water paint drops on the painting. Do the same, sprinkle some yellow paint drops and some orange paint drops too.

This Is The Final Look Of Your Polythene Flower Painting!

This Is The Final Look Of Your Polythene Flower Painting!- A Tutorial on Creating Polythene Photographs with Floral Accents for the Inexperienced

Voila! Look at the final results of your polythene impression flower painting!

You can now decorate your painting in your room to showcase it to everyone who comes by! Through this painting, you have turned the most unexpected thing into a paintbrush, the polythene, which is a mere waste! This painting is best to make to flaunt when you don’t have paintbrushes or your paintbrushes are damaged! You can also use this painting as your school art project! I’m sure your teacher would love it and will find the procedure very creative and fascinating!

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