Looking for a fun and educational craft project for your kids? Our simple to make leaf sunflower craft tutorial is the perfect activity! Engage your little ones in a hands-on experience as they create their own sunflower using leaves. This step-by-step guide provides easy instructions and materials needed. Get started on this exciting craft project today!

Are you looking for a fun and easy craft project to do with your kids? Look no further! In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a beautiful sunflower using just leaves. This simple and engaging activity is perfect for children of all ages, and it requires minimal materials. Not only will your kids have a blast making their sunflowers, but they will also learn about nature and the importance of reusing materials. So grab some leaves and let’s get started on this delightful leaf sunflower craft!

Simple Sunflower Craft Made With Leaves

Simple To Make Leaf Sunflower Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Leaves ( Yellow, Green)
  • Colored Papers (Yellow, White)
  • Colored Sketch (Red, Black, Green)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Leaf Sunflower Craft Instructions

Step #1: Applying Glue on the Backside of the Leaf

Applying Glue on the Backside of Leaf

Take a white paper & use it as a base for a sunflower. Take a fallen leaf from your garden & apply some glue on the back of it.

Step #2: Pasting Leaf on White Paper

Pasting Leaf on White Paper

Now, paste the leaf on the top side of the white paper.

Step #3: Pasting More Leaves

Pasting More Leaves

Take more leaves and paste them all on the white paper with the help of glue as shown in the above image.

Step #4: Pasting All Leaves in a Circular Shape

Pasting All Leaves in a Circular Shape

Paste all leaves in a circular shape on the white paper.

Step #5: Drawing Blush on Sunflower

Drawing Blush on Sunflower

Take a yellow paper and cut it into the shape of a circle. Paste this yellow circle on the center of the circular shape of the leaves with the help of glue. Take a black color sketch & make two little circles on the yellow paper circle for eyes. Now take a red sketch & draw little circles to make a blush on the cheeks of the sunflower. Draw a curvy line for the mouth under the cheeks of a sunflower with the help of a black sketch.

Step #6: Drawing Stem of Sunflower

Drawing Stem of Sunflower

Now, take a green color marker or sketch pen and draw a line to make the stem of a sunflower.

Step #7: Pasting Green Leaves at the Bottom of the Sunflower Stem

Pasting Green Leaves at the Bottom of Sunflower Stem

Grab two green leaves from your garden & paste them at the bottom of the stem with the help of glue.

Finally! Our Leaf Sunflower Is Ready!

Finally! Our Leaf Sunflower Is Ready!

After pasting green leaves at the bottom, our craft will look like this. Finally! leaf sunflower craft is ready.

Hurry, you have created a simple but beautiful leaf sunflower craft on your own. This simple leaf sunflower craft tutorial for kids is a fantastic way to engage children in a fun and creative activity. Not only does it provide an opportunity for them to explore their artistic abilities, but it also allows them to learn about nature and the beauty of sunflowers. With just a few materials and easy-to-follow steps, kids can proudly showcase their handmade sunflowers, bringing a touch of nature’s brightness into their room. Please share our website with your friends & family & thank you for supporting us. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about crafts in the comment section.

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