Explore a paper lollipop origami craft step-by-step tutorial for kids to have fun. This activity awaits you to learn a new technique in crafting.

Easy Paper Lollipop Origami Craft For Kids

Paper Lollipop Origami Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • Eight Origami Sheets In Any Gradient Color
  • A Decorative Bow
  • A Hot Glue Gun
  • A Plastic Stick

Paper Lollipop Instructions

Step #1: Fold In Half

Fold In Half - This guide will give children instruction on how to make origami lollipops using paper

Fold the origami sheet in half, and fold it along its diagonal, it would look like a triangle. There is a crease already formed on the origami sheet.

Step #2: Fold Along The Crease

Fold Along The Crease - This step by step guide shows kids how to create lollipops with paper through origami

Now, fold the origami along the formed crease.

Step #3: Flip and Fold

Flip and Fold - This tutorial will teach children the basics of making paper lollipops with origami

Now, flip the origami and fold it from the base corner of the triangle up to its opposite side.

Step #4: Fold From Triangle Top

Fold From Triangle Top - This tutorial is designed to help children make origami lollipops out of paper

Fold from the top of the triangle, fold a flap along the edge of the previous fold.

Step #5: Tuck It In

Tuck It In - This guide will help children construct lollipops from paper with origami

Tuck it in the space of the fold done in step 3.

Step #6: Fold From The Base Corner

Fold From The Base Corner - Kids can learn how to make paper lollipop origami with this tutorial

Fold from the other base corner up to the bottom point.

Step #7: Make Seven More

Make Seven More - This tutorial is intended to give kids instructions on making paper lollipops with origami

Make seven more origami structures by repeating the previous steps.

Step #8: Attach Them

Attach Them - This tutorial will show kids how to make paper lollipops with origami techniques

Now, start attaching them. The plain part would go into the flap of the other origami. Look at the picture for reference.

Step #9: Keep Attaching

Keep Attaching - This tutorial provides children with detailed instructions on making paper lollipops with origami

Keep attaching all the pieces in the same way.

Step #10: Tuck The Last One

Tuck The Last One - This tutorial will help kids make origami lollipops from paper

Tuck the last origami piece and at last the structure would look like that in the given picture.

Step #11: Turn It Around

Turn It Around - A Guide On How To Make Paper Lollipop Shaped Origami For Children

Turn it around and admire the formed beautiful gradient pattern.

Step #12: Final Touches

Final Touches - Instructions For Crafting A Paper Lollipop Origami Design For Little Ones

At last, by using a hot glue gun, paste a plastic stick as a handle. And, attach a decorative material.

Paper Lollipop Origami Craft Tutorial – For Kids

Paper Lollipop Origami Craft Tutorial - For Kids - A Step-By-Step Tutorial For Making A Lollipop Origami Out Of Paper For Kids

With this, you have come to the paper lollipop origami craft tutorial. This was a good learning experience for kids as they learned about origami folding and crafting a paper lollipop by the folding method. This craft idea would teach students about origami folding skills, they will end up polishing their skills. This must be fascinating for kids of 6-9 years of age. This paper lollipop looks adorable. Kids have learned about a new mechanism from this tutorial. They can use it as room decor.

Hope you liked this paper lollipop origami craft step-by-step tutorial. Do not forget to share your comments and inform us about your experience. Make sure to revisit our website!

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