Looking for a fun and creative craft project for your kids? Check out our step-by-step tutorial on how to make colorful clay snails! This craft is perfect for little ones to explore their artistic side and learn about different colors. With easy-to-follow instructions and colorful clay options, your kids will have a blast creating their unique snails. 

Are you looking for a fun and creative craft project to do with your kids? Look no further than this colorful clay snail craft tutorial! This activity is not only entertaining for children, but it also helps to develop their fine motor skills and creativity. With just a few simple materials, you and your little ones can create adorable and vibrant clay snails that will make a great addition to any art display. So gather your supplies and get ready to have a blast with this delightful craft project!

Beautiful Snails Clay Craft Tutorial For Kids

Colorful Clay Snails Craft Tutorial For Kids

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Supplies & Tools

  • White Drawing Sheet
  • Colored Clay (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Light Pink, Pink, Sky-Blue, White)
  • Black Marker

Clay Snails Instructions

Step #1: Working With Clay

Working With Clay

Draw a large circle on a white sheet & cut it out then use it as the base for our craft. Take a small amount of green clay and give it the shape of a grass leaf.

Step #2: Creating Grass

Creating Grass

Make more grass leaves and paste them near each other to form a bunch of grass.

Step #3: Creating More Grass

Creating More Grass

Make one more grass leaf & paste it near the others. Now, take red clay & make two tinny balls from it & paste them on the top of the grass as shown in the above figure. Similarly, make more grass bunches by following the same process. Take a yellow clay ball & make two little clay balls & paste them on the top side.

Step #4: Pasting Colorful Balls

Pasting Colorful Balls

Make small yellow, red, pink, and sky-blue clay balls & paste them on top of grass leaves.

Step #5: Making Lower Body Of Snail

Making Lower Body Of Snail

Now, take a light pink clay and start creating the lower body of the snail & then paste it on the top of the grass that is placed on the lower side of the craft base.

Step #6: Making Shell Of Snail

Making Shell Of Snail

Take a sky-blue clay, & make a thin layer, then start rolling it to make the snail’s shell.

Step #7: Pasting Shell

Pasting Shell

After that, paste the shell on top of the snail’s body.

Step #8: Drawing Tentacles

Drawing Tentacles

Paste googly eyes on the snail’s face and draw tentacles before the snail’s head using a black marker.

Step #9: Making More Snails

Making More Snails

Similarly, make two more such snails using yellow and red clays & paste them in the same manner as shown in the above image.

Step #10: Drawing Tentacles Of Another Snail

Drawing Tentacles Of Another Snail

Draw tentacles of other snails.

Our Colorful Snails Clay Craft Is Ready!

Our Colorful Snails Clay Craft Is Ready!

To make the craft more beautiful paste colorful yellow & white clay & make three yellow & one white flowers & paste them on the craft base. Now, our snail craft is ready for shining.

Hurry, we have completed our beautiful flower craft. Our craft is finished here. Now, your lovely snail’s flower is ready to enhance the beauty of your room. Show your creation to your school friends & family they will be happy to see your beautiful craft. If you want to customize this craft then I have an idea. You could add different types of flowers & draw some additional things on the craft base. Please share your ideas & opinions about the craft in the comment section. If you need some new craft ideas then you should visit our other websites.

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