This is a Hand Impression Hen Painting Hacks Step-by-Step Tutorial for kids. These painting hacks are for beginners. This will give kids a different point of view towards painting.

This is a Hand Impression Hen Painting Hacks Step-by-Step Tutorial for kids. It is quite a beginner-friendly painting activity. As kids, we always associate painting with a brush. But that is not true. This is what the kids will learn and get to know here, that there is a lot more to painting than just paintbrushes. There are so many different techniques or what people call these days, “hacks”. this will be something new for the kids and they will be absolutely thrilled to do this. This tutorial will introduce the kids to impressions and textures.

Beautiful Hand Impression Hen Painting Hacks Tutorial

Hand Impression Hen Painting Hacks Tutorial

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Tools & Supplies

  • White Sheet Of Paper
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • A Toothbrush
  • A Pair of Googly Eyes
  • Paint Colors
  • Paintbrush

Hen Painting Instructions

Step #1: Making Finger Imprints On The Lower Side, Using Dark Green Paint

Make finger imprints on the lower side, using dark green paint - Techniques for Creating Handprint Chicken Art

Take a white, blank sheet of paper. Draw a circle and cut it using a pair of scissors. Now, paint your fingertip with dark green paint. Make impressions of the same in the lower side of the circle, not too many. Refer to the image shown above.

Step #2: Taking A Toothbrush And Make Strokes With Those Fingertip Imprints

Take a toothbrush and make strokes with those fingertip imprints - Guide to Crafting Handpainted Chickens

Now take a toothbrush. It can be a used or old toothbrush as well. Now, make strokes upwards from the previously made finger imprints. This will make the grass. Do not make the strokes too long. Keep them straight and of a similar height. And do not simply color either, make strokes.

Step #3: Making An Imprint Of The Palm Of Your Hands With Paint

Make an imprint of the palm of your hands with paint - A Guide to Making Art with Hands and Chickens

After you have made the grass, take orange colored paint. Paint on your hand using a paintbrush, the side that surfaces the palm. Now, make its imprint on the sheet as shown in the above reference image. Do it quickly before the color dries on your hand. Make sure each portion of your hand is covered in paint but not too watery either.

Step #4: Making Sure You Got The Imprints Of Both Hands Right

Make sure you got the imprints of both hands right - How to Paint Chickens with Handprints

Take some yellow paint and repeat the same process as the previous step in your other hand. Take its impression just like you took the other one. Take the assistance of the reference image above. It will guide you.

Step #5: Now Take Some Red Paint And A Googly Eye

Now take some red paint and a googly eye - Crafting Paintings of Chickens with Handprints

With red paint, make these small circles on the top of the hen’s head. Paste the googly eye on its face.

Step #6: Now, Do The Same With The Other Hen As Well

Now, do the same with the other hen as well - Tricks to Create Handprint Chicken Paintings

Also, make the beak using red paint. Now, do it all over again with the other hen.

Step #7: Making The Clouds Using Red Paint

Make the clouds using red paint - Tips for Handprinting Art of Chickens

Make a cloud by just tapping the brush on the paper, with red color paint.

Step #8: Making More Clouds Using Sky Blue And Purple Paint

Make more clouds using sky blue and purple paint - A Tutorial for Painting Chickens with Hand Imprints

Now make two more clouds in a similar manner. Use the shades sky blue and purple.

Step #9: Now Make Fingertip Impressions Around The Clouds

Now make fingertip impressions around the clouds - A Handprint Chicken Art Tutorial

Now that you are done making the clouds in the sky, let us make the flowers. Make fingertip impressions around the clouds with the same colors, red, purple, and sky blue. They will make the flowers. Make small impressions in a circle.

Step #10: Making The Leaves Around The Flowers

Make the leaves around the flowers - Step-by-Step Guide to Making Handprint Chicken Paintings

After the flowers, use light green colored paint. Make leaves around these flowers using a paintbrush.

So, This Is How It Finally Looks. Hand Impression Hen Painting

Final Image: So, this is how it finally looks. Hand Impression Hen Painting - Ways to Create Hen-Themed Artwork with Manual Markings

Well, here we are. Now that you have a basic idea about impressions and texture, you can do so much more on your own. You can try out the textures of different objects by imprinting them.

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