Learn how to create a stunning mushroom and flower clay craft with the help of an ant in this step-by-step tutorial. Explore different techniques and tools to mold and shape the clay into intricate designs. Discover the magic of combining natural elements with clay to create a unique and beautiful piece of art. 

Clay crafts have long been a popular way to express creativity and create unique pieces of art. In this tutorial, we will create mushroom and flower clay crafts, with a special twist with the inclusion of ants. From pottery to sculptures, the possibilities are endless. One fascinating aspect of clay crafts is the ability to mimic nature, bringing the beauty of the outdoors indoors. By incorporating these tiny creatures into our creations, we not only add an element of surprise but also pay homage to the intricate relationships found in nature. Join us for making the craft & let’s start making our fantastic craft.

Beautiful Mushroom & Flower Clay Craft Tutorial For Kids

Mushroom And Flower Clay Craft Tutorial With Ant

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Supplies & Tools

  • Colored Clay(Brown, Red, Yellow, White, Sky-Blue, Green, Black)
  • Black Marker
  • Black Drawing Sheet

Mushroom And Flower Instructions

Step #1: Working With Clay

Working With Clay

Take a black drawing sheet & cut it into a circle and this will serve as a craft base.

Now, take some brown clay & put this at the bottom side of the craft base, and start spreading it with your fingers to give it a soil look.

Step #2: Making Mushroom’s Stem

Making Mushroom's Stem

Now, make a mushroom stem with white clay and paste it above the brown clay as shown above.

Step #3: Pasting More Mushroom Stems

Pasting More Mushroom Stems

Make two more such mushroom stems of different sizes and paste them on brown clay.

Step #4: Making Mushroom’s Cap

Making Mushroom's Cap

Take yellow & red color clay & make mushroom caps of different sizes as shown in the image & paste them on top of the stems.

Step #5: Pasting Small Clay Balls On Red Cap

Pasting Small Clay Balls On Red Cap

Paste the other small red mushroom cap on the small stem. Make tiny white clay balls and paste them on the red color mushroom cap as seeds.

Step #6: Making Stems

Making Stems

Paste these tiny clay balls on all the mushroom caps in the same manner. After that take white clay make a long stem and paste it above the brown clay on the left side of all the stems.

Step #7: Pasting Stem Leaves

Pasting Stem Leaves

Make two white stems & two green stems in the same manner, and paste them around the mushrooms. Make two leaves from green clay & paste them on the top of the white stem which is on the left side as in the above image.

Step #8: Making Green Stem Leaves

Making Green Stem Leaves

Now, take green clay balls and start making their leaves & paste them around the green which is on the right side as shown above.

Step #9: Creating Flowers

Creating Flowers

After that take small yellow and blue clay balls make flower petals from them paste white clay balls as a pistil in the center of the flower and now paste the flower on top of the stems. Now, take sky-blue clay & make another flower & paste it by following the same process that we did for the first flowers.

Step #10: Making Small Clay Balls

Making Small Clay Balls

furthermore, make small green balls and drop shapes (as raindrops) of white clay, and paste green balls on brown clay and white drops on a black base.

Step #11: Making Ant

Making Ant

Take yellow clay & make small yellow clay balls & paste them on the brown clay. Next, create three black clay balls. Combine them to form the body of an ant, then use the black marker to draw the ant’s legs and antenna. Finally, paste the eye on the ant’s face which is made from white clay.

Final Look Of Our Craft!

Final Look Of Our Craft!

After the ant’s creation, our mushroom and flower craft is completed.

This beautiful mushroom & flower clay craft is finished here. Creating mushroom and flower clay crafts with ants is not only a fun and creative activity, but it also provides an opportunity to learn about the fascinating world of ants. By observing their behavior and incorporating them into our artwork, we can gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate beauty of nature. Please drop your feedback in the comment section. You could also share our website with your friends & family & encourage them to try new crafts.

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